How to open wine if there is no corkscrew at hand

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How to open wine if there is no corkscrew at hand

Unpleasant randomness are with everyone. Corkscrew can suddenly get lost, break or forget at home, while relaxing in nature, and the wine bottle will not open itself. Therefore, it is necessary to invent original lifehaki, which will help to get out of a predicament with dignity. A selection of simple proven ways will allow you to open a plug in any circumstances without spilled wine and with inventory that is always at hand.

One of the best ways to open a bottle of wine in nature, if the corkscrew is forgotten is to use the tree stump. You need to take the neck of the bottles in one hand and firmly and repeatedly hit the bottom of the tree. The strength of the fluid that will fight the plug will create the effect of the «hydraulic blow», ultimately knocking the plug from the inside. Of course, wine is slightly stigled, but his taste will not be spoiled, and it is better to stay at all without drink at a festival or a romantic date.

Interesting information from The French are considered the best winemakers, but the invention of the corkscrew is attributed to the British. The first mentions of it were recorded in 1861: in one of the documents, this device is described as a steel screw intended for pulling out of bottles. However, the first patent was issued in 1795 by the Englishman Samyuyl Henshell.

You can easily open the wine without a corkscrew, using several tools that almost certainly will have at home. First you need to screw into the plug screw with a length of at least 5 centimeters, but the more, it will be easier, with a screwdriver. Not much deep into the bottle, but it is enough for most of the screws to be inside the plug. After that, a hammer with a nail-breeder and a quick movement to pull the screw along with the plug.

It is best for this method of opening a shoe with a small platform or stable heel. The perfect option is men’s shoes or shoes. Be sure to make sure that the whole wrapper around the traffic jam is removed, and then you can attach a bottle with a snack in shoes. Hold down the boot tightly, you should knock them on a strong wall several times. The cork will slowly go out, and over time it is easy to weaken and get it with hands.

Surely every house has ordinary scissors. They can also replace corkscrew, as a last resort. In order to open a bottle of wine, you need to drive one of the blades of scissors into a plug. After that, it is necessary to slowly unscrew the plug, keeping over one of the handles. Be sure to do everything carefully and do not rush to avoid cuts and possible injuries.

Use the keys to the machine instead of the corkscrew is the original way to unscrew the cork in just a few seconds. If you insert the key from your car at a small angle, leaving only a bit outside the cork itself, you can use the top key to push the plug clockwise by moving up the direction from the bottle. The key point here should be noted the simultaneity of the actions of the hand: turn the key in a circle, as well as tighten in the same movement. Standard keys to the apartment are also suitable for this life, if there is a gear part and a sharp end.

The knife’s gear blade can help quickly disappear a bottle of wine, even if there is no corkscrew. You should insert the blade into the plug, and then gradually unscrew the plug by the movement up, until it does not completely come out of the bottle. When a little stopper remains in the neck of the bottle, you need to get a knife, stick it in the side of the cork and simply unscrew it with circular motions.

For this, Lifehak is perfectly suitable hanger from the wire, as well as the usual wire of sufficient length. First you need to take the hanger and form a small hook from it with the help of pliers. Then make the hook made on the side of the tube U-shaped up. So that it fell down, you should do move backwards. After that, the hook unfolds so that he captures the bottom of the cork. Last Action: Pull the wire up so that it pumped the plug. You can also spin the corkscrew-shaped wire hanger and then easily pull the plug out of the bottle using multiple rapid turns.

First you need to put the needle of a bike pump between the cork and a rim of the bottle with wine. You need to pump it three or four times, but caution, because if you pump too much, the bottle can explode. After a pair of pumping, the plug will pop up herself or it can be pulled out independently.

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