How to put off your own hands.

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How to put off your own hands.

Spaklyka is not such a complex process. If desired, you can save by making it yourself. First you need to decide on the tool and material. You will need two spatula of different widths — wide, working, for applying putty on the surface, and narrow for convenient putty putting onto working spatula. If this is your first attempt to scratch the walls, do not take a very wide working spatula — it is more convenient to start with a spatula of 30 or 40 centimeters width.

You still need sandpaper to align the roughness and lumps after shtlivania. This is a basic set of tools, and we will consider the secondary process in the course of the process description.

Now the market has a large selection of ready-made and dry mixes for putty. I would advise you to take dry. Firstly, the finished has a certain period of storage in the open form. Due to large volumes of packaging, you can not use it all right away. Secondly — the price. Muchly exceeding the cost of dry. Naturally, use it easier, but not so much effort needs to spend to prepare a dry mixture. As a rule, the cooking recipe is specified on the package. Just just stick to it.

Dry mixes are on cement and plaster base. Cement is used to align the walls in wet bathroom type, for external work, concrete or brick. For the interior decoration of dry rooms and plasterboard uses a gypsum putty.

A dry mixture is added to the water container. Not vice versa! If there is no mixer-not trouble. You can sample manually so that there are no lumps.

To slow down the capture of the finished putty, you can add some lemon acid to the solution.

A small spatula is gaining a putty from the tank and is laid out evenly along the entire length on the large spitel.

Apply the finished solution on the wall you need from the bottom up or out of the corner.

First, apply a solution with a spatula on the wall, then align it.

A covered wall need to dry at least a day and pollute it with sandpaper or grinding net. For convenience, it is desirable to use a special grinding bar, where the sandpaper is refueling. Work dusty, do not forget about the respirator.

Grinded surface is ready for shook wallpaper or painting.