How to quickly get rid of sore throat

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How to quickly get rid of sore throat

To begin with, it should be known that the painful feelings in the throat are inflammatory processes, developing against the background of infection or injury gained in the body. But whatever the nature of infectious infection — bacteria or viruses — the disease itself will not pass. This is not the same as the usual cold, which, while observing the beddown and abundant drink, disappears within a few days. Such aahs as mononucleosis or acute pharyngitis are able to substantially submit human health, so with a throat pain tightened for a long time

Prepare the solution by adding one teaspoon of salt in 200 ml of water temperature water,

As in the case of lollipops, you can purchase a spray for the throat at the pharmacy.

It is not necessary to take something inward to eliminate the pain in the throat.

Remember, as in childhood, during a cold, children have been convicted for a long time to sit down to a pushing steam saucepan, hide a towel and breathe hot air?