How to recognize iodine deficiency in the body?

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How to recognize iodine deficiency in the body?

Iodine is one of the most important elements in a person’s life. It is found in every cell of the body, participates in the formation of hormones, affects the glands of the internal secretion, regulates protein and fat exchange. Iodine deficiency can provoke the emergence of serious problems in the work of internal organs and body systems, cause the development of various diseases.

The well-being and health of the person largely depends on the balanced supply of the body with mineral substances and vitamins. In the body of iodine is not produced. If this vital micronutrient does not regularly enter the required quantity together with food, there are diseases provoked by iodhya.

Guess that the body lacks iodine, it’s not so difficult:

It is possible to suspect the deficiency of iodine by the presence of several of the listed symptoms or with an express test, which is easy to do it yourself. To do this, before bedtime, you must apply an iodine mesh on the skin. If it did not disappear in the morning, then the iodine is enough.


The lack of iodine leads a variety of factors:

You can fill the deficit in several ways:

Important: The daily rate of iodine consumption depends on the age of a person, its masses and physiological state. According to WHO, it is within 90 — 300 μg.

Signs of iodine deficiency are an important signal that should encourage a person to pay close attention to his health. This will avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.