How to regret fire

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How to regret fire

You never know what surprises will give you life. Therefore, it is worth being prepared for everything.

Consider how to get fire! Some of them will seem helpful to you, and some will probably surprise.

The fire is the main phase of the combustion process, which is accompanied by the release of light and heat. Framework may occur for various reasons: heating, chemical reaction, effects of electricity.

So, for burning fire, we need combustible materials, oxygen and high temperature.

A condom is truly a unique thing, I think that all travelers have long appreciated this multipurpose item. So, we take a transparent condom and fill it with water.

We use it as a lens, focus the beam on a pre-cooked dry grass or paper, a little patience, and now smoke appears.

Power banks polish and use as a reflector. Ray We guide on a sheet of paper or dry grass.

We take a frame for photos and turn it off with a food film.

We put the frame on the stand and pour water.

Everything, installation for inciting fire is ready.

Steel wool is the plexus of a very thin steel fiber, looks like a conventional cotton cotton wash from the pharmacy. The steel itself consists of 98% of iron and by 2% of carbon, the proportions may vary depending on the type of steel. We are preparing the «nest» of dry leaves and herbs, we put watts into it and spend several times the battery contacts on the cotton.

Cut off the strip of foil, fold in half and fed the place of folding with scissors.

Apply the ends of the strips to the poles of the battery, and then the main thing is not to burn your fingers.

This method requires patience. You are not only breeding fire, but also get warm. We take a piece of ice and the light movements of the knife we attach it a form in the lenses. Then we polish the surface of the lens with your hands.

Well, how to dry fire a lens — knows every child.

Sodium is a silver-white metal, plastic, even soft (easily cut by a knife), fresh sodium cut is glittered in air and easily oxidized to sodium oxide. To protect against oxygen contained in the air, the metallic sodium is stored under the kerosene layer.

Sodium with water reacts very rapidly: a piece of sodium pops up into the water pops up, due to the highlighting heat melts, turning into a white ball, which quickly moves in different directions on the surface of the water; The reaction goes with the release of hydrogen, which can ignite. This experiment is also called «Dancing Fire».

With the help of the fire, sparks are carved. The tool is compact, light and can be used in any weather. On the Internet you can find a large range of fire. Which of them you buy — it does not matter, the main thing is to learn how to use this gadget correctly.

Carry out the sparks is easy, you just need to prepare a good work. To do this, use dry flammable material.

This pneumatic lighter was invented somewhere in 1770. It works on the same principle as the diesel engine. With a strong compression, the air in the cylinder is heated to a temperature of over 300 ° C, which leads to the fire located at the end of the piston of the cloud.

In order to achieve high temperatures, a strong blow is needed.

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