How to remove scratches on a smartphone in a couple of minutes

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How to remove scratches on a smartphone in a couple of minutes

Alas, scratches on the screen of the smartphone are not uncommon if there is no protective glass or film. If you notice this defect on the phone display, do not hurry to contact the service center.

In some situations you can do on our own, without resorting to the help of the master. Modern phones are made from a variety of materials that are characterized by cost, quality, duration of operation and a number of other characteristics. However, none of them gives one hundred percent guarantee that scratches and scratches will not appear on the gadget (even if you contact him as carefully). If you discovered defects on protective glass, just replace it with a new one. But when the scratches appeared directly on the screen of the smartphone, you need to resort to other methods. Small damage can be enjoyed to eliminate with your own hands using the following remedies that are in every home.

Means 1: Toothpaste

With tiny scratches, an ordinary toothpaste can cope with (it is desirable to take the option without any additives). It is the most gentle abrasive, so it will not hurt the screen with direct impact on it. All you need is to take a toothpaste, apply a small amount of scratch and with a piece of soft fabric, to rub the remedy with a circular movement. The result will be considered positive if the defect completely disappears or becomes almost inconspicuous.

Means 2: Soda or baby powder

If the toothpaste did not bring the desired effect, try to refer to the help of soda or baby powder. They affect the screen somewhat tougher, and therefore allow you to eliminate deeper scratches from the surface. To begin with, you will need to prepare a mixture consisting of two parts of soda / powder and one part of the water. When you connect the ingredients, stir up to a homogeneous state, and then repeat the steps described in the paragraph above: apply an improvised polyrolon on the screen and rub on scratch with circular movements before it is completely disappeared.

Means 3: Goe Pasta or Displex

If you do not trust homemade, you can resort to professional help. These include pasta gay, displex paste and polyrolol with cerium oxide. They are very effective, but in the process of work it is very important not to overdo it in order not to make it only worse. Please note: before buying a professional paste, find out what the screen is made on your phone — from glass or plastic. This information will allow you to choose a suitable means to combat scratches.

Means 4: Auto Polyrolol

Another option that many is advised to eliminate damage on the smartphone screen is a car designed to remove scratches. It is possible that the products of famous brands will help to make the surface of the screen smooth and smooth. However, it is worth being very careful and not to exclude the likelihood of side effects. The auto-polyol must be experienced in the mostst of the larger, as the display of the phone and the paint coatings of the machine — neither the same.

Means 5: Vegetable oil

Means 6: sandpaper paper

Yes, you heard right. Sandpaper can also help solve the problem, especially if the scratches become very noticeable. However, to use it you need to be very careful not to damage the display even more. If you are patient and tidy person, then you can try to resort to this method, if not — do not even try, because the work has to be sufficiently long and laborious. For our purposes, it is best suitable abrasive fine-grained sandpaper, which will be used as a cushion. Accurate movements swipe it across the screen several times until you get a positive effect. After the procedure, you will notice that the touch screen has become dull and matte purchased. To restore his former glory, use the above-mentioned paste GOI. Put on the screen a little money and polish it. At the end rub the surface with a soft microfibre cloth to strengthen the effect.

Whatever of the above-mentioned funds you have chosen, always follow the following recommendations:
Before applying tool, close all the gadget connectors so that the substance selected for polishing does not fall into them.
Apply the tool with maximum caution so as not to damage the smartphone screen.
Polyrol, regardless of whether it is or professional, removes the factory screen coating. Because of this, the response response speed may deteriorate. To prevent the appearance of scratches and other damage, make a protective film or glass on the phone immediately after purchasing a gadget. And if you notice that scratches are gradually turning into cracks, then it is noteworthy to try to secure them. In this case, only masters in the service center will be able to solve the problem. And most likely you have to fully change the screen.

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