How to remove stains with porcelain sink

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How to remove stains with porcelain sink

New porcelain sinks and baths look great, but after a while they lose their gloss. Even if you make their daily cleaning with your main task, soon you will begin to notice stains and lime deposits, which cannot be removed by conventional cleaning agents. There is nothing worse than dirty sink and bath. This spoils the appearance of the entire bathroom. However, there are enough simple ways to get rid of spots on a porcelain sink and a bath that will not be too burdensome for you and your wallet.

To remove strong stains from water on a porcelain sink or bath, moisten paper towels in white vinegar and cover the entire surface. Leave your towels for 2 or 3 hours. Then remove them and carefully wipe the stains.

To remove more resistant stains from water and lime deposits from your porcelain sink or bath, make a mixture from the boos and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the stains for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe these places with a wet paper towel or cloth. Rinse with ordinary water.

To remove complex stains from a porcelain bath or sink, for example, hair paint spots, mix the chlorine bleach with water in a 50 to 50 ratio in the sprayer. Apply a mixture with a pulverizer to the surface and leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then dry the wet cloth or paper towel.