How to remove stickers from various surfaces

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How to remove stickers from various surfaces

Remove stickers from glass, plastic or metal using some means on an alcohol basis, for example, a liquid for removing a varnish or medical alcohol. Oils are also suitable, such as vegetable oil, mineral or children’s. Apply it on clean fabric and sticker in the sticker, let me absorb about a minute and delete from the surface.

Remove stickers from cardboard and other paper products using alcohol-based products or with an industrial solvent. Apply a liquid on the sticker with a cotton swab until it is soaked. Avoid fluid ducts on the surface around the stickers. Remove the sticker.

Remove stickers from wooden surfaces with a means for polishing furniture or any tools from previous points. Soak the sticker with a liquid and give it to absorb a couple of minutes. After that, tear off the sticker.

So good stickers that are on rigid plastic surfaces (plastic packaging or food containers) vegetable oil. Give the sticker soften, then immerse in the water and ride.

Repeat the process if glue clots remain on the surface after the first attempt. Clean the remnants with a scraper or razor blade.