How to remove the cat from the tree

17 Сен

How to remove the cat from the tree

It is important to stay calm when your cat or kitty will take care of the tree and will not be able to get to the wood yourself. Most likely, they will be so frightened that you, as the owner, must help them as much as possible and calm down. First of all, do not panic themselves. Give a cat time and peace, perhaps the cat itself will find a comfortable and safe way to Earth. The exceptions are cases when the cat is injured or a collar with a leash will be put on it — immediately go to the fourth step.

The second time will wait a couple of hours. If the cat does not go down, then try to attract it by opening the jar with her beloved food and putting it under the tree. Call a cat by a calm and confident voice.

The third step is to install wooden stairs to the tree, next to the cat, so that she can go down on it. Leave the cat one for 15 minutes so that it goes down, as it is more convenient.

Fourth step. If your cat is too frightened to go down the stairs to the ladder, put on working mittens or gloves and a thick jacket to protect themselves from claws. Climb the stairs to remove the cat from the tree. Make sure before lifting that the staircase is securely installed.

Fifth step. Take a cat for the camp, just below the neck. This will reduce the likelihood of getting bites or scratches from the cat, as it will be out of fear. Also, this is a few emissions.

If, despite all your efforts, the cat climbed up even higher on the tree, then the last step will be a challenge of rescuers, animal or neighbors. Professional lifeguard or an animal assistance worker will remove the cat from the tree very quickly.