How to save on food and other goods?

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How to save on food and other goods?

Talks in his experience a resident of Kazan.

Much by purchasing Tricks on stocks and with an app set. Household chemistry I can buy a discount at warehouse with a discount of up to 80% (mint packaging, scuffing, toothpaste without cardboard, etc.). I take a lot at once. For example, my hypoallergenic washing powder I bought more than a year ago. Until now, a few kilograms lies.

Food: Chicken for 89 rubles. from Auchan. Cooler of the local manufacturer. We separate part: wings, keel on broth. Filf fillet (I do it myself). Vegetables in a shop near the house take. The average price of the year is cheaper than in supermarkets by 20-60%. Berries, I buy mushrooms in the summer or collect yourself, freezing. Cereals, flour, sugar, tea, coffee take in discounters or ashan.

I take meat on the market for working days in the end of the market. Discounts give good. Pork on minced meat from 150 rubles, beef 250 rub., Fish in different ways … I take a red fish with your head, salty itself. The price difference is 3 times.

Clothing — Skonond Hand (cool jeans with tag 350 rub., Shorts for the cottage 30-50 rubles., Surname, Ali (socks, underwear, smallest), sales in Meg, stock online stores, stock centers.


In construction stores (I make repairs in a mortgage apartment) I can buy the last rug in the bath at a discount of 30-50%, the last meters of linoleum in the country, free pallets there. In Ikea, I bought a wardrobe for 999, its usual price of 15999, simply, they were removed from the shelves and they occupy a place in stock.

I do not hesitate to ask a discount. But not fanatically.

And one more rule that allows you to save well — do not buy frankly cheap and poor-quality.