How to sew a medical mask with your own hands

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How to sew a medical mask with your own hands


The spread of coronavirus served to increase demand for medical masks. In this regard, there is a sharp deficit of protective funds not only in pharmacies, but also on the official sites of manufacturers. It aggravates the situation and the fact that it is necessary to change the masks every two hours and use them is repeatedly prohibited. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and the surrounding means of protection can be made with your own hands. We tell us more about how to make a mask and from what.

A face bandage is an effective prophylactic agent that protects the upper respiratory tract from infections transmitted by air-droplet. During quarantine events, it is particularly relevant, since it prevents the rapid spread of the virus, protects against influenza, ARVI and other diseases.

There are various ways of sewing a medical mask at home. However, options are the most simple in terms of performance:

As tires can serve:

Production of a gauze protective product is considered one of the simplest and lungs for execution. To do this, you need to stock the necessary tools and materials:

The gauze bandage of the standard view has a rectangular shape. The length of the protective dressing is chosen so that it is enough to pick up the head and on the verseing of the ends. In the vertical position of the mask should close the mouth and nose.

You can make ties in an amount of 4 pieces of 35-60 cm long. The second option is to use gum instead of strings (from the old pharmacy mask, stationery, or linen).

To clearly understand how to make gauze protection itself, you must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

Tubes to the dressing should be sewed in such a way that the two tops pass in the area above the ears, and the lower — under them.


The other variant of the marry bandage with several layers from the wool will also help protect against viruses. The compacted mask on the mouth is manufactured in the same way, for this you will need such infirm materials:

After that, on his middle, you need to lay out a piece of watts and, if you wish, fold it a bit for convenience. Next, you need to step by step to perform the following manipulations:

To obtain the finished product, it remains only to gently flash the edges of the mask and its ties on the sewing machine or manually.

For the manufacture of a tissue mask you need to use only natural canvas. An ideal material for her will be flax or tight cotton, you can also use the usual bandanu.

The protective bandage from the fabric at home is pretty quickly.

To do this, you will need:

In order to make a bandage from the fabric, initially follows a square piece of dense cotton or flax to be folded twice and cut in half. Next, one cut is collected by the harmonica, its edges are bent and neatly sewn with a needle. The rubber bands are traced in the fabric, which after the nodule are tied.

Such a mask can also be made from the bandana — you can even get an interesting youth option.


To more clearly understand how to make a mask at home, look at the video of our familiar Master Galina:

When neither gauze nor the bandage nor natural cotton fabric was not at hand, it is possible to make a medical mask in another way.

Paper dressings are an excellent solution that can be performed in minutes. For its manufacture, you will need such materials:

Paper towels need to be collapsed several times so that the harmonica is as a result. After that, to the ends it is necessary to attach the rubber bands the stapler, with the help of which in the future the mask of the paper and will be fixed on the face.

Choose material for making mask on own forces worth it, based on their personal preferences. Each type of protective agent has certain advantages and disadvantages. To facilitate the selection process, we suggest familiarizing yourself with this table:

Provides protection of respiratory organs from sharp respiratory diseases, flu and coronavirus.

Prevents infection in public places under the condition of early use, and it is also expensive due to the possibility of carrying it no more than 3 hours.

Such a mask is firmly adjacent to the face, because it is made of soft material and taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the face. Can be used repeatedly.

It is not capable of providing full protection of man. During coughing and sneezing, delays saliva drops with a virus.

The use of such a protective agent does not put pressure on the face and does not interfere with breathing. You can wear it within 4-5 hours.

Marley bandage with cotton can not be reused. Even if you wash it and change cotton wool, it is not guaranteed to complete the removal of bacteria and viruses.

It has a simple design and low weight, provides oxygen access and can be used repeatedly.

The fabric mask does not fit the face tightly, therefore it is capable of providing minimal protection.

Saving cash and simplicity of manufacturing.

The use of the mask is possible not for a long time. The paper prevents normal breathing and does not provide a tight fit to the face.

In connection with the outbreak of Pandemic COVID-19 on the streets, people in medical masks are increasingly found. At the same time, not all of them understand how to properly wear a means of protection to protect themselves from a dangerous disease. First, the bandage must be firmly fixed, hermetically close the mouth and nose. Secondly, before use, the hands should be handled by an antiseptic, and during wearing it is not necessary to touch the products of the product.

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