How to sneak in a movie theater with a 18+ rating

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How to sneak in a movie theater with a 18+ rating

Of course, we do not encourage such a state of affairs when a person who has not reached the relevant age, wants to schwit and visit the movie with a rating of 18+. However, not all films with this rating are really dangerous, especially if you, well, for example, 17 years old and you have a fairly adequate person. In general, there are ways to break the rules a bit and see such a movie. But there is also a risk that they will be calculated and will be deployed from the cinema or complain to your parents. Go!

In many multiple cinemas, the control system is arranged in such a way that there is one employee at the entrance and checks for all films. Your task to buy a ticket for one film, your age, and then go to the other hall. Try to choose films in neighboring rooms, it will be easier to check your scaffold. During the passage of the controller, smile and nod when it will show you your cinema. The task is simplified when there are a lot of visitors and easily go to the adult. The attention of employees is scattered, and you just need it.

We also advise you to attend movies, for some time walking in the box office. On the premieres usually control is stricter. When visiting a cinema, if you are not 18 years old, dress more solid, do not wear teenage clothes, make a serious face if there is already vegetation on your face, do not throw, it makes you a little older. If there are friends over 18 years old, go to the movies along with them — less chances that attention will be paid to you and ask for documents.

In the case when you were stopped at the entrance and begin to ask tricky questions, keep quietly, answer in this spirit, as if your parents had already passed into the hall, and you just went out. Some workers are watching «through your fingers» on the limitations of the film rating, and some «legitimits» if they understand that you want to deceive to penetrate the session of the film forbidden to you, can drive out of the cinema or even forbid it in the future. Good luck!