How to stop being a shortble, lifesager lifestyle or loser

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How to stop being a shortble, lifesager lifestyle or loser

About some people they say that they are «not a fountain», there are not enough stars from the sky. We try to communicate with positive personalities with whom it is pleasant to deal with. But we do not notice behind yourself when we are «not gifts». And so I want recognition and love of others.

To be attractive, it is not necessary to have fashionable outfits and look good. You need to be able to behave correctly, so as not to annoy your loved ones. To do this, you need to refuse some roles that we love to play in life.

We need these necessary professions when we want to master the new skill. We are looking for specialists in this area and ask them to help us. We lack knowledge and experience, and these people are masters of their business.
Everything happens on the contrary, when we do not need someone else’s advice, and it is imposed. It annoys. As if an appraiser comes to our house every day. He is aspiring with a tormented look with a challenged labor and takes his verdict. Well, if we get high marks. And if we are humiliated? This will not like it.

Or in our family, a commentator was started. It can be any relative. And in the morning you say that you are all wrong. Here in another family everything is right, and you are a fault, a lifespan of life or a loser. And so, day after day. I want to escape from such a family where the eyes look.

The most unpleasant starts when we begin to teach lives. Okay, if it is a senior friend, with great life experience. You can listen, but you need to do in my own way, according to your perception of the world. Our life for us can not live. We need to make mistakes to move forward.

Therefore, never give advice to others while you do not ask you well about it. Do not compare your life with someone else’s — we all go to different roads. Do not condemn the people who do bad. It is not known how you would have behaved in a difficult situation. It is stupid to hope that you are not like that.

To become a long-awaited gift and honorary award for loved ones is very difficult, but if desired it is possible. It is worth learn the sick places of your favorite people and bypass them. Being a lawyer in your family, even if they make stupidity there. Live to live joyfully and do not interfere with others enjoy life.