How to stop pronuncifying and start living

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How to stop pronuncifying and start living

First you need to find out what is procrastination. Go from afar. Suppose you have to pass an important exam, start repair, cook dinner — yes, anything — but instead you continue to postpone the case in anticipation of inspiration, mentally thoroughly by bravery. And you are not just so sitting, but they are engaged in other supposedly useful things: sweep the recently removed floor, the spider is sweeping from a long corner, which no one looked into which before; Catch up old notebooks in search of something important. But all these cases unites one thing: you are only engaged in order to delay a really urgent matter.

Do you know this situation? Do you want to have time to do everything without remorse? Then let’s start learning the main question: how to deal with it.

To begin with, make a list of the main cases at the moment. Spread them on a priority group. Write it right now, without deposit. Think why you are important to make each of these items. Imagine that everything is ready, and you can get a well-deserved rest, eat a piece of cake or stroll through the park. Surely you like this thought.

Right today, try to allocate at least half an hour to fulfill the first case in the list. Can you more? Fine. But be sure to start. The remaining time is calmly engaged in other affairs. The next day you will remember that you started an important point and a little advanced. You can add a little more time on its execution.

When you do at least the first thing, you will understand that you are not so much an irresponsible person. Then it will be easier, but the main thing is not to stop, looking around for tempting careless things. You will always succeed.