How to teach a child to sleep at night

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How to teach a child to sleep at night

The newborn is still the day outside the window, or night — they want to sleep, they want to have fun. But parents and other inhabitants of the apartment, alas, not anyway. Therefore, you have to teach a child to sleep at night. How to do it competently and gradually, without breaking the psyche of Chad, you will learn from our article.

Does your baby tap the day and night? Moms of newborns are often faced with this problem. Just that appeared on the light of Kroch still do not know that people sleep, mostly at night, and the rest of the time they do some things. But when the nervous system is generated, it will also be established and familiar for us to routine the day. It will happen quickly. In the meantime, this is not, the parents of the newly born babes should be ready for the fact that at night, instead of sleep, they will have to entertain their child.

Understand how a child behaves, appearing on the light, it is possible during pregnancy for the greatest activity of the fetus. If it is activated at night, then, most likely, his sleep after his birth will be for parents a certain problem. And they will have to get used to the baby’s night wake.

Very important quality for restoring the normal waking and sleep mode is an excerpt, tolerant attitude to the peculiarities of a newborn. It is clear that you have not easily, but it’s not worth killing on this. After all, in any case, mom and night should feed the child. In addition, it is necessary to clearly understand that motherhood and peace, sweet sleep — things are practically not compatible with everyone without exception.

As a rule, for entering the rhythm of normal sleep, several weeks are required. How is it happening, and what is better to do with this? Let’s try to figure out.

You should begin to start, first of all, with the fact that you are setting quite clear frames for waking up the baby. Even if the kroch fell asleep at 4 am, try, not amenable to pity, wake it up at 9 o’clock. Do not be afraid that you will not give him sleep, because such crumbs sleep several times on the day. It is necessary to trace when the baby falls asleep in the day for the last time, and if it happens closer in the evening, then try not to let him sleep for a long time. If you just play with him, it will be enough enough to sleep in order to sleep. It should not be limited in the apartment a normal level of household noise — let the crumb to it gradually gets used to. Otherwise, in the consequence you will go around the apartment on tiptoe.

Try not to allow the crumb to sleep in the afternoon too long, offer him entertainment, or just wake up any prepositions. So he will gradually get used to sleep at night.

You can slightly bother slightly dormant baby. For this purpose, it is not necessary to put it in a horizontal position, hold it on your hands vertically, but not very long. You can still slightly rush heels, kiss the kid’s handles. Try to charge, simulate dance. Cardinal techniques can be attributed to water, naturally, room temperature.

When you cook the baby to the night sleep, you should not allow too active games with him. Too bright light should be muted, try to limit conversations, and if they are necessary, then speak a reduced voice. Getting such signals, your child unconsciously shakes and falls so quickly that you will not even notice.

To make a baby waking up painlessly, you will have to stock any interesting toy for him. In this case, you can avoid hasty and tears. But the main secret of any mommy, as mentioned above, is patience. He will have to educate, first of all, to fully feel like a real parent.