How to transplant the money tree. Money tree — Talisman to attract money

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How to transplant the money tree. Money tree — Talisman to attract money

An evergreen plant, which is popular thanks to his unpretentiousness and decorative, will decorate the apartment, a country house, an office. It is believed that it purifies the surrounding space from negative energy, gives positive emotions, but most importantly — can bring money well-being and happiness to those who raised him.

So it can actually be convinced by putting it at home, taking advantage of the instructions and advice how to plant a monetary tree, as well as observing the rituals of Feng Shui.

Tolstanka is grown not only as a beautiful ornamental plant, many believe that it brings wealth. After all, it is not in vain called money tree.

So that happy hopes are justified, it is necessary to follow the rules:

Although the money tree is unpretentious, it is good, it grows rapidly, easy to care, still he needs to help the right agrotechnology. Choosing a suitable soil, a container, landing time, knowing the features of watering, get healthy and beautiful.

For reproduction of money trees, cuttings, leaves and seeds use. The reproduction of seeds is a very laborious process, so it does not apply it in amateur flower growing.

A variation of reproduction sheet is a way to germinate «kids».

Must have the following properties:

If it is not possible to buy a finished soil, it is easy to do it yourself.

This will require:

All components mix thoroughly.

Young Tolstanks at the initial stage of development are planting in small pots with a diameter of 5-7 cm.

The root system has a superficial money tree, and the crown is massive, so when choosing a pot is important to provide a plant stability. Plastic pot for a large bush is not the best option, it is too light and can turn over.

Starting from 3 years of age, the most suitable will be low wide pots from clay or ceramics. Such containers are heavy enough to keep the powerful plant. The roots are better breathing in them, the excess moisture is not stuffed, evaporates through the pores. Diameter The pot must be approximately the same as the diameter of the crown.

In the fall and in winter, the money has slowed down, it «flows into the hibernation». Therefore, January and February are not the best months for landing.

Folk signs attach great importance to landing in accordance with the lunar calendar. This affects the observing, rooting and developing the plant. After the new moon, the days are favorable for landing. Early in the morning on the «growing» moon, Tolstanka is planted into the ground.

The main thing is to arrange them at such a distance so that the roots are not intertwined, and in the process of forming the branches so that they do not interfere with each other.

In order for the money tree to give his owner with wealth, the rules of Feng Shui prescribe the observance of a special ritual when landing, which attracts the energy of money.

For money trees, you need to carefully care, you need to talk to him, decorate. Then, this living talisman thanks to his owner. If the flower looks healthy, it means that the material state of the house will begin to improve.

Here are some rules of care:

Over time, the pot grows in which the money tree grows, becomes cramped for the roots, the soil is impoverished, loses nutrients and the need for transplantation occurs. The first three years during the period of intensive growth is necessary every year. After three years — every 3 years.

A transplanting pot should not be too big. In disproportionate capacity, the root system will develop to the detriment of the ground part. It is advisable to transplant in a pot, which is 2 cm in diameter greater than the previous one. It is necessary to do this in the spring or summer when the plant is in the active phase of development.

Special attention should be paid to the transplant of a large cash tree. This is done by the method of transshipment, maintaining an earthen com. Large branches are maintained to avoid damage. Stems and leaves of Tolstanka fragile, so you need to handle it very carefully.

Too big sprout should not be broken, because it is possible to damage the tree itself. If you are afraid to apply Tolstanka herbs after a break, a place where the tree was broken, you need to sprinkle with charcoal.

In addition, all the conditions of planting plants should be observed, so that the tree necessarily takes place and contributed to the improvement of the welfare of its owner.

To plant and grow a monetary tree is easy and die for everyone. You just need to know certain rules, rituals and follow them. Then it will bring its owner material stability, will delight his kind and decorate the interior of any room.

It is believed that any items, externally similar to coins, are a powerful magnet for money. So the fat man got a second name — a money tree — due to rounded leaves, on the form of resembling coins. After dried, they are covered with a thin film of silver color and, hitting the bright sunny rays, sparkle, as if diamonds.

The birthplace of Tolstanka money tree is in the West and southern Africa, in South Arabia, Madagascar. Because of its origin, it can accumulate a lot of moisture in the leaves and for a long time to do without watering. So that the monetary tree flies as soon as possible, it must be located in the southeast sector of the room. In the same place, from the point of view of Feng Shui, there is a zone of wealth.

The fastener loves heat very much — at temperatures below 15 ° C, it may die. But you should carefully monitor that the straight sun rays do not fall on her leaves, otherwise the plant will start. From time to time, the tree must be deployed to the window of one, then the other side so that it does not get bent and did not fall.

In summer, the money tree should water once a week, in winter — once a month. In this case, the water temperature should be no less than 13 ° C. So that the water is not stored and did not flow out of the pot, it is recommended to make drainage, best of the foam. In the hot season, the leaves of Tolstanka, it is necessary to spray from the sprayer. Try also more often to air the room with a monetary tree — fresh air has a beneficial effect on its growth. Once every 2-3 years, at the beginning of spring, it should be replaced.

If you want the fastest to bring wealth to your home, grow it from a broken twig, and not buy an adult plant. Put a sprout for several weeks to the water, then when it starts the roots, transope in a specially prepared loose soil.

For the first time, replant with money tree, put one large coin or a few small pots on the bottom (but not more than three). It can be both Chinese yuan and Russian kopecks or rubles. But the cents or iron dollars and the euro are better not to put, as they have a heavy energy and a negative aura. To attract financial success, choose a pot of green or black. Conduct a transplant only at a time when the moon is in the growing phase, otherwise the tree risks quickly.

As soon as the money tree is growing a little (after 2-3 months after landing), hang on its red ribbon branches with three Chinese coins strung on it. Red color accumulates financial flows. On the top of an adult plant, place the red dragon figure, place the red lanterns around the pot or statuette of the Buddha. The land in the pot can be «sprinkled with» iron coins.

All plants have excellent memory. If you strive to improve your welfare, do not let anyone water and transplant your money tree. So you install a stronger connection with the «green talisman», which means that its influence will be stronger.

With a monetary tree can be agreed. «Communicate» with him every day for 2-3 minutes: tell about your plans and dreams, not necessarily related to finance. Speak plant warm words, give compliments. The fat man will not remain in debt — over time will certainly improve your financial situation.

In no case do not let out in people bend to the tree. If you ask you a piece of leaf, bring it off yourself, otherwise your success will be «stolen».

It is necessary to choose to choose a thickness of the neighbors. For example, you can not put a pot with curly colors and plants with spines. Otherwise, money will slip out of your hands or an irresistible obstacles to the goal. Also, a pot with money should be put away from an aquarium or any other vessel with liquid.

Every day, or at least once every two days, wipe the leaves of Tolstanka with a damp cloth so that there are no dust remains: it prevents the money tree to attract financial flows into your home.

Water for watering Tolstyanka. Prepare in a special way. First pour it into a transparent jug with 10 silver coins and leave for 3-4 days. You can use conventional iron coins, but they charge the water is much weaker.

Money tree, fat man or Crasus belongs to succulent plants. When transferring from the Latin Crassus denotes thick, indicates a massive trunk with rounded leaves. Plant at home

Another Chinese people loved the unpretentious plant. This is evidenced by the imperial tomb of the time of the reign of emperors Han, decorated with bronze images of Tolstanka.

In ancient Russia, there was a belief that Crassus is a process of sunny tree. If you have a generous man in the earthly habitat, then in the afterlife tree will give a paradise life.

The birthplace plants are the arid areas of Africa, South Arabia and Madagascar.

For more than 1,500 years, the plant is cultivated by conquering unpretentiousness, attracting wealth and prosperity.

The merchants of the Middle East called the Crassol with money, because her leaves resemble silver dinars.

The name is a greedy or jade plant. Jewels symbolize wealth and power, give youth to owners.

Cultivation in Europe is associated with making Tolstanka to horticultural directories in 1687. Already in the 19th century, the widespread spread of the flower begins, the sprouts are transported from South Africa with other tropical species.

Due to the removal of a set of hybrid varieties, more than 200 types of Crassol are known. Among them are tiny plants, and blooming with bright inflorescences, and amateur with a pearl tinge of leafy plates.

To attract money, you should grow Tolstanka independently or purchase a little sprout. The smaller the process gets to root, the sooner the owner will visit.

Even if there is no time, you will pay for several minutes to communicate with Crassolu. You can wipe the leaves with a wet cloth, inspiring any words on wealth over the tree.

Signs for good luck:

A strong magical action is the attachment of cash bills on Tolstanka. It is advisable to pick up red threads or satin ribbons to attach money from different nominal.

Over time, old bills are replaced by new ones to prevent stock of money energy. By the new year, it is recommended to decorate the chocolate candy in the golden foil, tied by almy ribbons.

In addition to attracting financial well-being, the leaves are used to treat lesions of the skin, injections and arthritis. Leaves from the leaves will help get rid of angina and herpes rashes.

Against stretching and bruises use juice that soak the bandage, and after taking the affected place.

Tolstone owners do not always boast of increased well-being. Everything is due to the fact that the conditions of the magic landing are not observed in order to attract cash energy.

It is impossible to talk about the financial collapse so that the plant is not worse. Everyone should be told in a positive key, to paint the future wealth in detail.

Crasus is used in rituals to attract financial energy:

According to the appearance of the village, you can judge the financial state of the hosts of the dwelling. If it cares or has small leaves, then the owners are waiting for poverty and illness. A good condition of the flower testifies to the well-established financial flows, a healthy climate in the family.

With proper care, the plant will not only saturate the air with useful volatile compounds, but also attracts financial energy to the house.

According to an old legend, if you shake the tree, it will give gold coins.

It is believed that the leaves accumulate cash energy than thicker, the more wealth will grow. Recommended to be buried in the soil under the plating of the coin, decorate it with red ribbons.

Between the branches, you can put a miniature dragon attracting wealth, on the tree place owls, which follows saving in the house, and at the base there are 3 red lamp to increase the magic of the plant.

If the plant dries out, try to improve care. It is necessary to transplant it in another pot, to inspect the root for the presence of rot, and the affected areas are cropped with a sharp knife, sprinkle with charcoal.


When the money tree has come and dried, it is getting rid of it, but thank to financial assistance rendered. Only a living fat man becomes a magnet for wealth, and the dried slow down the energy of the money. If there is at least one live twig in the tree, then it is laid out to grow a new plant.

Crown formation is trimmed.

If the plant is still young, then trimming early. With a rapid growth, pinch the point of growth, located in the top of the escape.

According to reference, if you give an adult money tree in your hands, you can go bankrupt. But if you gave Tolstanka to a wedding with clean wishes, then everything will be fine financially, both for the donor and for the other side.

When they give a church, it is better to pay coins, and the plant put a few days separately from other plants to adapt in a new house.


Only young plants acquire to restore home on their own.

If you give the process in other people’s hands, then wealth will go out of the house. When to present the process with a pure heart, wealth will only contribute. You can break the progestion from the tree and root to a memorable date to give young Tolstanka to close friends.

Mascinum financial profit in the house will be a monetary tree, if you comply with simple rules for care, to replant, water and feed. Crasus will smooth family conflicts, will become a key to growing well-being, if you decorate it with cash bills, coins and aluminum ribbons.

The fat man will turn into a home lekary, will be the first help with pain in the joints and viral diseases.

Still cost to remember that the fat man is a talisman. But no talismans will bring you money if you do not make any effort.

All indoor flowers need caring care. Periodically, they should be replant, which is a difficult task for some plant species.

Flowers grow through time, it becomes closely, it is necessary to create more comfortable conditions for normal development. In addition to spacious dishes, flowers need a rich soil, because this will depend on the life expectancy and health of the plant.

A popular fastener or «money tree» grows in many homes, because the material well-being of the whole family is connected with it. For this reason, the flower in many of the special relationship and transplant of money, and the departure causes many questions.