How to understand a woman and what she wants: Lifehaki for men

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How to understand a woman and what she wants: Lifehaki for men

In previous years, clinical specialists who wrote on the topic of relations had the opportunity to observe only unsuccessful couples, so their ideas about what a happy connection should be, relied on naked fantasies. These experts did not have the concept of how men, consisting of truly wonderful marriages behave.

The authors of the book «Woman. The manual for men «held a whole scientific research to find out what the secret of harmonious relationships and what the fair sex really wants. We share important advice from the book.

What is primarily attracting women? Popped Press?

Six-digit bank account? Do they need a high handsome man on a white horse? No, no and NO. The first of the qualities needed to women are extremely simple: reliability. Yes, yes, it is reliability.

Women are looking for a not beautiful prince, but a man who can be trusted.

Reliability is not only what you, for example, do not play gambling or, if we are talking about long-term relationships, never changed it.

Where it comes to cares and marriage, the meaning of the reliability is: you are the one who is issued for whom you are issued, and your words do not disagree with the case.

Here are the following concepts such as trust, responsibility and lack of attempts to seem not to those who are in fact.

Remember: a woman asks himself every minute: «Is he reliable? Will he be supported for me? He can be trusted? «

Reliability is built through an emotional connection. A woman needs a man who will be next to her when she needs it, who is ready to be interested in and take care of her. Women want them to be respected, listened and established them with them.

Woman pay your feasible attention. This means that: if she wants to talk to you, distracted from a computer toy, set aside a mobile phone and demonstrate with your actions, as you are important and she herself, and what she tells you.

Try to feel what your partner feels, regardless of whether it is logical or not.

Your task is an understanding, and understanding can be achieved by asking questions. If your companion complains about the best girlfriend, do not offer her a ready-made solution, do not join and do not perceive the problem as an insignificant.

Ask questions about what she feels and that all this means for it. You need to show true interest, try to understand why this is so important for her.

Men believe that there is no point in discussing negative emotions, because it is much better to find a solution to the problem and forget about it.

But for women, emotions are an opportunity to establish close contact. Try to remember this next time, when your companion wants to share his feelings.

Maybe you do not know how to fight nunchaki, shoot from the hunting bow or crack sites like a steep hacker. But whatever you know, women will fade skill if you can demonstrate it in what you are interested.

In other words, if you collect brands, become the most famous and status collector. If you collect garbage, become the most famous, knowledgeable and powerful garbage collector. Women attract men who know how to become president and chapter … ourselves.

Women attract confidence and high status. Become the best «ourselves.»

Do not make mistakes — not about applub. There is a huge difference between aplomb and self-confidence. Confidence attracts woman. Applub pushes.

Confidence stems from a firm knowledge about its abilities. Applub — from uncertainty about them.

Dr. Nauk Lee Ann Renninger, T. Joel Wade and Karl Grammer from Vienna University tried to determine which non-verbal hints increase for men the likelihood that a woman would choose them.

Men on whom women paid attention were from «spatial maximizers.» They demonstrated their dominance in a social environment, pulling her legs, throwing her hand on the back of the chair or in a different way, stating the rights to own a busy space.

In addition, successful men «are significantly better owned by the art of the view.» This means that they looked to women in the eyes, often accompanying views of smiles.

Do not forget to watch a woman in the eyes, smile, stand straight (straight posture — a sign of confidence) and do not get it.

Another successful men committed fewer «closed body movements» — imagine that you clapped yourself with your hands, as a schoolboy, who is fermented.

If you are in the group of people, you will not be perceived as a dominant person. Therefore, never stand, clasping yourself with your hands, and do not cross your legs in the knees.

We offer you to help opposition «Clark Kent / Superman». Clark Kent showed nervousness: stuttered, fussed, mumble and as a result did not like the girl. And in the support of Superman, he behaved confidently, held a large space and without hesitation struggled with bad guys.

Women are looking for a hero, not a zero without a stick. Take an example from Superman.

The author of the humorist column Dave Barry says that the only worthy answer, when a woman asks you: «This dress is full of me?» — fall to the floor and depict a heart attack.

All men hear such questions, but you can not depict a patient for a year after year! This answer to this question is — the answer of the hero is: «You’re a beauty, and it doesn’t matter what you wear.» The only way. There is no other response.

Women’s self-esteem very much depends on whether it approves her own body.

You like a man may think it’s funny — let go of jokes with the punch eaten or her thighs eaten. So, nothing funny. And for each statement, detracting with its dignity, you will have to pay hundreds of compliments.

Nothing wounds the woman deeper than the criticism about her appearance.

A man — the dream of any woman never allows himself.

As studies have shown, female anger usually stems from one of the three main reasons: helplessness, injustice and irresponsibility of other people.

When you do not listen to your woman, she begins to be angry, because he feels helpless. When you do not treat it as equal to or betraying her trust, it feels injustice and, accordingly, is angry. When you do not come on time (the irresponsibility of others), she is angry with you.

If the conflict broke out, a woman wants only one thing: so that she was listened to. Her task is to make the partner to understand better. And how do men react to criticism? They perceive her as personal attacks.

Their innate protection system turns on, cardiac rhythm is accelerating, and they are ready to reflect the attack with the same pressure, with their ancestors attacked the bison or neighboring tribe.

For pressure, assault and on-site there is no place when you want to destroy the conflict with a woman of your life.

Imagine, you are trying to watch the sports channel at the end of the working day, and here the woman says: «You never listen to me.»

If you were a cartoon hero, your face would bloom at that moment, and steam fell out of the eyes.

Heroes in such cases are used by three simple strategies, which, as proven by scientific way, are able to reduce the pulse. First — make some deep breaths. Second — count to ten.

If you still see that you have no hunt for a verbal attack on your woman, then there is a third strategy: take a time-out. It is necessary to say something like this: «You know what, right now I have no strength to listen to you. I’ll be back in half an hour, and we will continue. «

You can at least tune in to your partner, and it’s great for your relationship. But she doesn’t care about the company girlfriends.

Want a woman next to you as happy as possible, held and satisfied? To do this, she needs social support for other women — from time to time.

If you entered into a serious relationship with a woman, then know: Now you are connected with all her friends.

Doctor of Psychology Len Syme from California University in Berkeley and his student Lisa Berkman decided to check which factors as a whole predict long-life. The world was struck by the results of their research, in which approximately nine thousand people took part.

It turned out that no cholesterol, exercise or diet, and the quality of close relationships affect death at an early age or long life.

Interestingly, men in men or death depended on whether they are married, while women are from friendship with other women.

So if you want to live longer, stay with your partner and try to make relationships happy.

If you want her to live a long life, keep her desire to communicate with girlfriends.

Every time your woman takes on his arms, presses to himself, screens up, looks into the eyes, gently concerns and even inhales the fragrance of a child — your child! — The level of oxytocin in its body rises.

A special thread stretches between a woman and her child — it is with her help to survive the appearance and well-being of the offspring. «

If your feelings are listed due to the fact that a woman suddenly ceases to lay down on the bed with you in an embrace, gently touching you or, how to overeat, inhale the fragrance of your hair, all this is understandable and in fact otherwise can not be. And the only solution is to stretch your own thread between you and the baby.

The main thing is what the woman needs is a true partnership in the raising of children.

If you do not be able to realize this side of her identity and her love, the huge territory of her heart will remain hidden for you.

One of the main ways to show love for your woman is to support her as a mother, loving her and protecting her children.

Women too often sacrifice their dreams in the name of the family and relationships or simply due to the fact that in our society, women’s dreams are not attached to a worthy meaning, especially if they are not related to his wife or mother’s career. But the dreams of any person are important. Your dreams are important. And her too.

If a woman has a partner who knows and respects her life aspirations, she feels that they understand it, give her due and deeply love.

As research shows, the duration and success of relations depend on how everyone knows how to respect the goals of the other. If you do not respect her dreams and are not ready to do everything in your power, in order to help them implement them, then suddenly discover yourself next to the defeated, lowering the hands suffering from depressed woman.

Any man seeks to be close to the one that is happy and full of love for life. If you do not know what she dreams about, ask.

And then shift the mountains, if necessary, but help her to accomplish her aspirations.

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