How to understand that the body suffers from intoxication?

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How to understand that the body suffers from intoxication?

The peculiarity of toxins is that over time they accumulate in the body, poisoning it, violating the work of all systems. Representatives of the scientific community warn that each person should periodically make a «cleaning» of the body. But how to find out what time has come to take care of health? Experts argue that this may indicate obvious signs.

But first, let’s find out where these harmful, poisonous substances come from. According to doctors, toxins enter the body along with contaminated air, with food, alcoholic beverages, as well as when drinking water, medicines. Over time, they accumulate and lead to a violation of all organism systems. The fact that intoxication came, the following symptoms say:

Another nuisance that is often a companion of intoxication of the body is obesity. As a rule, excess fat accumulate on the sides, stomach. The explanation is quite simple: the body is not able to cope with toxins, so they are deposited in adipose tissue. That is why people whose organism needs «cleaning», gain extra kilograms.