How to understand that you lack calories?

17 Сен

How to understand that you lack calories?

We are confident that most women dream of getting rid of extra calories once and forever. But too much to hide yourself with new-fashioned diets is also not worth it. You need to consume calories as much as you need to your body, otherwise you can face unpleasant consequences. How to understand that you lack calories?

First, if you notice the signs of excessive fatigue — this is the first bell. So your lifestyle does not coincide with your diet. Review it and add more meat products: low-fat meat, fish. If you often take off to «harmful food» — this is the same sign of the wrong ration. The diet should not be a test for the body. Healthy food must certainly bring pleasure. If you dramatically sit on a diet after a rich feast, then the body will have shock. From which the following feature flows — the effect of the plateau. That is, the weight ceases to decline and the body begins to accumulate fat in the «survival» mode.

Permanent feeling of hunger, unreasonable aggression — all these signs of the wrong diet. Plan your power mode on the basis of your schedule and the rhythm of work. As a last resort, refer to the specialists, they will always help you. Be healthy! By the way, who sits on diets from subscribers? 😌😐