How to warm up at home without a heater

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How to warm up at home without a heater

What to do if the heating system is still not fixed in your home? Maybe you live in an old, blurred drafts, house? You may want to reduce CO2 emissions. Regardless of the reason, in the cold time you need to warm up. Here are some useful tips.

Part 1 of 3: Heating home without heater

Carefully close all windows. Make sure the winter frames, if you have, are installed and tightly closed. Windows must be closed. Open them in the afternoon when the sun shines if the temperature is above the temperature inside.

• Windows must be hermetic. You can purchase a special putty for windows to better seal them. At a minimum, put a shirt or towels to the place where the air is noticeably.

Hang on the windows cheap shower curtains that attract sunlight. It will help not let the cold air from the street, and solar heat will heat your home. You can also firmly drip the windows with polyethylene.

Hang curtains. Heavy curtains block air flows. Open them when the sun shines, and close at another time.

Searate doors. Check the door frame as well as space under the door. You can buy and paste the seal. Again, at least, put a towel or something else under the door.

Impair as much sunlight as much as possible. Make sure that sunlight has no obstacles (for example, plants, canopies) to get into your home. Remove everything that leans to the sunny side of your home (best, put these items back to night to create additional insulation).

Close the unused rooms. This will make another barrier between you and cold air from the street. It will also reduce the circulation, which means that the weight loss.

• In Building Materials Store, you can purchase a magnetic register that turns off the forced air electrical heaters in unused rooms. Thus, only the rooms you use will be heated, and the heating will be used much more efficiently.

• Ensure that all heaters are built open, especially where the water pipes can freeze. Unlock the circulation of cold air in a heated room (it can be blocked by furniture or carpet) so that the heated air can effectively circulate.

Put the rug or carpet. Carpets and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. They are usually warmer to the touch than a tree or stone, and are a warmer surface for walking.

Add isolation in the attic. A large amount of heat goes through the attic, since warm air rises, and cold goes away. Make sure the attic is carefully drawn.

• Bake cookies or pie. The oven dries the air and heats the kitchen. The kitchen will be warm during cooking, and then you can enjoy home delicacy.

• Try not to prepare dishes that produce a lot of steam, as this will increase air humidity. Reduced humidity in winter, helps you feel warmer. Water pairs (humidity) has a greater heat capacity (ability to absorb heat) than dry air. As a result, the wet air is felt colder than dry air, and in order for the wet air to be comfortable, it takes a lot of heat.

Light a candle. Candles can produce a lot of heat. Place them carefully and do not leave unattended. You can find cheap candles at any grocery store.

• Use a candle heater. It will not produce as much heat as a fireplace or a real heater, but it will be very cheap heat.

Turn on incandescent bulbs. The average incandescent lamp produces up to 95% of its energy in the form of heat, and not light, which makes it an extremely efficient source of heat. [1]

• Compact fluorescent and LED lamps will not help warm the room, so save them for warm days and use the money saved to pay for the heat.

Part 2 of 3: how to feel warm in a cold house

Drink warm drinks. Warm drinks will raise your body temperature. This process is very relaxing and even stimulates. Make a cup of tea or coffee. Get warm broth.

Dress warm. At such times the hat is your best friend. The biggest percentage of heat loss occurs through the head, so it is very important to keep it covered. The sweater can also work wonders. Dress up layers, especially if you have woolen or cotton clothes. Tap slippers or warm socks. If you are sitting, turning to the plaid.

• If you still have cold legs, buy black tights. They must be opaque. Put one or even two pairs under the clothes. This will create another layer of clothing for heat retention. Men can wear long underwear.

Use small rooms. For example, if your bedroom is much smaller than the living room, then use the first.

Get out sports. 20 minutes of energetic exercises can not only warm you, but also keep warm and after training. In addition, a healthy body is usually more tolerant for cold.

• Be active. Movement produces heat! The more active you move, the better your blood circulation. This means that warm blood enters the fingers and legs, keeping them warm.

Hug a friend or pet. The body of any warm-green animal warms. Squeeze to the dog or cat and warm each other.

Use hair dryer. You can quickly insulate yourself or cold shoes and clothes before putting on. You can also heat bed before going to sleep. Never cover it! He can overheat and light up.

Purchase the electric facility. Instead of pumping the whole house or room, use low power heating. You can also make your own warmer:

• Use hot water bottle. Thus, it is very convenient to warm hands and legs in the sitting position, you can also put it in bed, in my feet.

• Heat socks or small pillows (also known as dums) filled with rice dried by corn or beans for one minute in a microwave oven and use as a heating or put in bed.

Buy a thick bathrobe. Think about him as a big, fluffy blanket with sleeves. He is very warm and comfortable, and you can even sleep in it!

Go to visit or on vacation. Consciously spend time in a well-heated place, which you will not cost anything, for example, in the library, church, each other, etc.

Try an electric blanket. The electric blanket can keep you warm and comforting all night, and it is cheaper than inefficient, expensive, old heaters.

Part 3 of 3: Prevention

Think of how you got into such a position. If you suffer from cold due to power outages, the above-mentioned tips will help you pass through this short-term, emergency. But if you do not work the heater, because you have no money to pay for its repair, you need to start saving money for it. Calculate first of all with you to cope with the situation. Do not make yourself freeze.

If you cannot afford your home, contact multiple energy suppliers. Perhaps together you will be able to find a suitable payment plan with which you can handle. In addition, you may have the right to receive state aid.

• If the air is too cold, when you go to bed, get drove under the blanket with your head. Your breathing will quickly warm the air. After all, not for the reason of the ancient beds was Baldahin.

• Take a hot bath or shower, and leaving, apply oil or lotion on the skin. It is almost like another slim layer of clothing.

• If you have little children, ask a relative or friend to take them at the time while the heating breakage will not be eliminated, since the stay in cold conditions can be very dangerous for children.

• Heat air infrared heaters. Set the small fans near them, which will spread the warm air indoors.

• Put on the cap before bedtime, especially if you are bald or you have short hair. Your chest, head and face are especially sensitive to temperature changes, so the hat is needed in a cold house. [2]

• Methods for heating, increasing air humidity (bath, humidifier), can contribute to the growth of mold and condensate accumulation. Check out the furniture regularly, which is located near the external walls and windows.

• Keep in mind that the more you overlap the circulation of air on the street, the greater the probability of carbon monoxide in the air. Install the carbon monoxide in the room, if you do not have it yet, and check it regularly.