How to wean a child to capricious and roll hysterics?

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How to wean a child to capricious and roll hysterics?

Remember the wonderful Soviet cartoon «Holiday of disobedience»? If you look or remember the plot, culmination and end of this masterpiece pedagogy, then read on the following article, you probably do not need. You already know the answer to the question.

As in any problem, to solve it, you must first find the origins — where this problem follows, and the reason is why. If you eliminate only the symptoms of whims (wipe the tears with a handkerchief and treat sweets to not cry), they will appear again and again. If you are severely punished for disobedience or take it as an inevitability, having resigned, the situation will only grow. But there is another way to wean a child to capricious, which in practice it turns out very effective.

The newborn man does not build an intrigue. He cries, if he is bad, smiles when well. It is honest and completely dependent, so the word cannot be irrelevant for him. The ban should be taught when the freedom of movement and choice appears on the feet of Karapus. It is also not clear to him this word, but it is necessary to pronounce it. The handle reaches to a crystal vase. It is forbidden! Still stretches. Look what a ball is from me! Let’s play! You did not upset the baby, did not hurt. The ban sounded, and the retreat was worthy.

Disobedience is a protest form. Your child is confident that you are a dictator and without you will be better. Regular violence, like slapping on the pope or poddle aged, you do not convince the opposite. Put differently. How to influence a naughty child — leave it one. Go to another room. If the caprice occurred on the street, try not to calm down, and start walking away from the scandalist. You can hide behind a bush or angle of home and watch. The consequences will usually be such: the kid will understand that you are left, will begin to search for you and stop hysterically. He though small, but can appreciate the situation — if no one pays attention, then there is no need to scream and capricious.

Realizing that there is no mom (or dad), he will stop hysterically and immediately starts looking for you. Do not scold him! Do not even remember about the incident. He will no longer do. And if it fell and try to dictate the conditions once again, do the same. After the second or third times it will definitely be corrected.