How to whiten white socks at home

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How to whiten white socks at home

In each wardrobe must be white socks, as they fit into any style.

The problem is that they are very quickly contaminated and after the first wash losing their initially fresh appearance. To prevent this, you need to wash them correctly.

In this article, we will tell you how to easily and quickly wash white socks from the black sole and dirt to snow-storey at home.

Before you begin to wash your socks, you should prepare them:

To improve the quality of the subsequent washing,

The pelvis is filled with warm water (no more than 30 ° C) and mix the selected tool into it.

Erase socks in the machine at a temperature of from 40 to 60 ° C

After bookmarked in the machine socks fall asleep into a special compartment washing powder, bleach or homemade.

After that, they launch the machine and are waiting for the end of the cycle. In the drum, together with socks, it is desirable to throw several tennis balls. Due to them, more friction of the material will be created, which contributes to better cleansing.

How to act:

When pressing you can not twist socks. It is enough to squeeze into a lump and slightly surpassed in your hand.

Read more about washing white socks manually read here.

Homemade tools to help whiten socks are successfully used with manual and machine washing. Here are some of the most productive recipes.

Instructions for action:

With the help of peroxide, it is possible to quickly cope with even strong stains, provided that they are biological origin (sweat, blood, gray, yellowness).

The most efficient will be 2 options:

Machine in this solution socks and after 12 hours are rinsed, and then erased in any way.
Receive for white socks with a pattern. In 80 ml, the peroxide is squeezed out of a tube a little toothpaste.

The resulting mixture is treated with contaminated areas and after 10-15 minutes they wash them off by rinse in cold water.

This method is permissible to apply for socks from natural fabrics, but it does not hurt the synthetics.

Now on the shelves of the shopping store you can find all sorts of bleach. They are in the form of powders, capsules and gels. And also differ in composition: oxygen and optical.

The release form, the volume and price of each are shown in the table:


When choosing a tool, it is important to get acquainted with the instructions

When working with chemical detergents, instructions are held on the package. This applies to the dosage and temperature mode of washing.

Lemon juice effectively removes stains from grass and juices.

The recipe is as follows:

If socks with color decor, then juice should be applied only on white tissue so that the elements do not discharge.

When white socks slightly swept and no longer so snow-white when they were new,

You can put 3-4 tablets in the drum with linen, and in the tray, pour a whitening detergent. With the dosage of the drug, it is permissible to experiment that it will not harm the linen.

In the case of manual washing, they dissolve as much tablets in 3 liters of warm water and soaked in this solution to wear products for the night. And in the morning they are maintained.

For pre-soaking, it will take 10-12 liters of water and 3 tbsp. l. Skipidar

Then erased in the machine on the usual mode, but with an additional rinse.

Naming alcohol is available in almost every home first aid kit. So, to be firing strongly contaminated white socks, it is necessary to dissolve it in water.

There will be 70-80 ml.

Before you begin the washing of bright, but contaminated socks, they are soaked for 3 hours in the following tool: dissolve boric acid in water (concentration 1:10). Since the acid corps the dirt, then the subsequent wash will be more efficient.

The most faithful tool to overtake resistant pollution on linen, which our grandmothers also used is a household soap.


So that they do not appear on woolen socks, they should wash them in the typewriter with the addition of air conditioner and on delicate mode.

Cotton products can be boiled

White and colored socks to wash together unacceptable. Dark wear products can be laid together with jeans and other things.

After the whitening procedure, the socks are inappropriate to hang dry on the sun

Socks pair, and then removed and fold cuff together. Woolen wear products are contraindicated to hang on the battery.

Here are some useful tips on the topic:

How to make white snow-white socks, video recipe:


In a children’s cabinet, white socks and golf are required. Women wear blonde wear and hints under jeans, tracksuit, shorts. And the male wardrobe is generally unthinkable without a religious accessory. And not only in the summer under the light shoes. There are lovers of light pulp, which despite traditions deliberately wear white socks under dark jeans, black moccasins or a dark blue classic suit.

All these cases combines one common problem: how to maintain the whiteness of the product and get rid of black rods.

To care for white socks is problematic. In fact, it is the highest pilot in housekeeping. But the desired effect of cleanliness and freshness can still be achieved. Moreover, both manual and machine method. Before washing, pay attention to five general recommendations on how to wash white socks.

Many hostess prefer to wash white socks manually, arriving in solid confidence that thorough friction hands will return the products the original appearance. In fact, the erasing is much more efficient to cope with this homework. Main, choose the right mode.

Return socks Snow-piece color will help two tablespoons of ordinary soda, added directly to the drum. And 50 g of dry mustard in a powder duet will get rid of socks from dark soles and dirty spots.

Some of the women will throw in a washing machine even two or three pairs of socks, while others — manually will get erased by a full «wear» basque. If you decide to remove pollution with your own hands, try to do it as delicately as possible and stick to these rules:

To wrap white socks from black soles and other contaminants, be patient. You will be satisfied with the results of washing, if you resort to pre-soaking. According to reviews, the most pronounced effect can be achieved if instead of powder and soap use the following means. Before any process of soaking socks, slip under water or slightly bargain to sushield the main dirt.

  1. To two liters of hot water (60-70 ° C) add peroxide and soda across the tablespoon.
  2. Let’s leave socks in this composition for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Well-absorbing in cold water, we comprehend in a traditional way.

For whitening the spent or yellowed socks there is another proven method. Turn on the stove and start the digestion. There are three ways how to boil white socks.

How to whitame white socks at home? Conduct with dark spots on white socks and chemicals: stainstress, oxygen bleachers, whiteness. True, the last do not apply too often, as it corps fabric. In general, the use of modern stains is very convenient, efficiently and safely, if working in protective gloves and clearly follow the instructions on the labels.

Even the most expensive and high-quality white socks are not insured against the appearance of dark rods. If this faithful sign of «wear» appears for the following reasons.

Remove katos can only be mechanically. How it’s done?

So, you have chosen a suitable way of washing with digestion or without boiling and ready to return their snow-white color to the socks. But before to wash the flooded white socks, pay attention to one item. White color has … shades. There is a definition of «off-white»: not entirely white, yellowish, almost white, cream, dirty white, beige. In essence, «whiteish». What are the difficulties? Simply, if your sports or branded cotton socks are created in the color of Off-White, do not reach the absurdity and do not try to make them whiter than they really are.

Experienced hostesses know how to keep the whiteness of things, including with the help of conventional soda (food or calcined). When other sheltered funds do not cope, for example, when washing and whitening baby socks, carbonate / sodium bicarbonate comes to the rescue.

Soda has its advantages over traditional whitening means:

Soda is an ordinary pitch. It destroys organic spots, neutralizes acids and some other chemical compounds, making water significantly softer. Thanks to this, the stains are easier to dispense.

The technique is well suited for socks with difficult stains (herbs, food, etc.).

Take a deep container: a basin is suitable, a large enameled pan or stainless steel bucket.

To effectively wash the large volume of things, download tennis balls along with them into drum. They are light and harm the typewriter. Due to the additional mechanical impact, it is hampered by sticking of socks.

Washing delicate things (Shelk, Lace, thin cotton) requires a careful relationship.

Such a lifehak will help remove resistant stains with white things.

For washing and other economic needs, the calcined soda is suitable. It is a stronger cheek, which is better coping with the most different pollution — from rust on plumbing to juice spots on your blouse.

For products made of cotton and synthetics.

Vinegar not only enhances the action of soda, but also helps to get rid of unpleasant odors.

For synthetic tissues.

For washing baby socks made of cotton, bikes.

Vegetable oil perfectly copes with traces of chewing gum and remnants of children’s stickers.

For synthetic and terry socks.

For synthetic fabrics, cotton and flax.

For light natural fabrics (sittz, flax).

Lemon acid allows color things to maintain its brightness, so this recipe is suitable for all types of synthetic and cotton fabrics.



50-100 per 200 g «Person» powder is designed for colored and white tissues. Contraindications: Delicate Silk. Softens water. Disinfect

50-150 for 200 g «Nanny» is suitable for all types of tissues. Better copes with fresh spots

From 80 for 350 g «Vanish» carefully cleans the fabric even from the solar spots. Acts both in hot and cool water

from 150 for 350 g «Eashable nanny» powder for whitening children’s things

of 130 for 300 g

Try using a calcined soda for whitening white socks, and they will become like new ones.

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