How would you communicate with a child-dow?

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How would you communicate with a child-dow?

Imagine that when communicating, another person is a downta child. When you realize that another person does not know how to read your thoughts, you understand and interpret everything as well as you, then you will be completely different with your own ideas and desires.

Many contacts between people are destroyed that they are not accustomed clearly and clearly express personal thoughts. Getting used to the fact that you need to express my ideas intricate, twisted, mysteriously so that in the case of which you cannot harm yourself and do not give the enemies to which they can take advantage, people stopped being sincere even with those who can trust. Instead of saying «I want to kiss you,» a person can tell for a long time about how it is cold, I want to hugs, caress and warmth.

Often, people seem to be that those surrounding look at the world just like them. Having said the phrase «then we will be easier to pay for an apartment,» each of the interlocutors will think of something:

The one who said this phrase meant that it is much easier to pay utility services for your own apartment than to live in someone else’s house and pay it.

The one who listened, thought that the interlocutor wants financially to take part in the purchase of an apartment.

What will such a disagreement in the interpretation of the said? To the fact that the first will wait for the purchase of an apartment to live and pay for utilities, and the second will wait for material assistance to buy the apartment itself.

Imagine another person as a child-down child. Of course, your interlocutor is quite healthy, but he absolutely does not know how to read your thoughts. So that he understood you as you want, he will have to tell everything clearly and clearly. Imagine that you are talking to a small child. He does not understand anything and does not know. What words will now pick up to explain to him what you want from him?

The same conversation must be carried out with you. Your brain is a dawn child. It is you understand what you want, but the brain still needs to be explained by presenting clear pictures that you are waiting for him. He understands only what he seems to him in the pictures. And if your pictures are blurred, it means that you did not say anything to your brain.