I swing the «muscle» of intelligence: what is the true power of exercise

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I swing the «muscle» of intelligence: what is the true power of exercise

Not everyone knows the fact that exercises aimed at the development of strength and endurance strengthen not only the body, but also the mind, preparing him for overcoming and adopting all sorts of challenges of life. Therefore, not only the appearance of your body is important, but also its physical condition.

The brain is the «muscle» of intelligence and just like the muscles in the other parts of your body, it develops and gains strength. In his youth, he reaches the peak of its development. Most brain capabilities can be maintained in working condition throughout life. Of course, the effectiveness of his activity will deteriorate and lose functional abilities, but it will be gradually happening.

Exercise is the main way to remain healthy. They are crucial for mental health and human development. An increase in blood flow to the brain, in turn, leads to an improvement in memory, an increase in intellectual potential, vigilance and performance.

The results of physical exercises, whether weight loss, muscle tone, improving the activities of the cardiovascular and respiratory system or an increase in life expectancy, always improve the life of the body. When you exercise, you get better, you sleep better, the confidence and self-esteem increases, which is the result of your efforts made for yourself. You will also have a feeling of well-being, which will be transferred to all aspects of your daily life.

Lifeline lifestyle can cause you a feeling of fatigue. When you regularly exercise, you feel more energetic. Exercises are forced to rapidly circulate your blood, which, in turn, delivers oxygen into each cell of the body and gives him an sporting form, which makes it easier to overcome all vital turmoil.

Since you get a large amount of energy from training, you become happier, your mood is improving, you have a look at life, every day you enjoy it. You will feel very good, you will begin to think positively and you can evaluate all the charms of life, for this you only need to start doing exercise. Your exercise program is an excellent way to remove stress.

Heart rate, blood pressure and level of cortisol are increased during stress. This can be avoided if you feel less intense and relaxed. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and its elevated level can lead to negative health effects, ranging from weight gain, and ending with cardiac diseases and diabetes. Health to you!