I want to grumble! How to do it?

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I want to grumble! How to do it?

In addition to the problem with overweight and obesity, approximately 5-10% of women and 15-20% of men there is an absolutely opposite problem of body mass deficiency. Sometimes these people are trying to gain missing kilograms, constantly struggling for every 100 g.

Recently studies have been proven that the shortage of body mass is as well as its excess leads to health problems. This is especially true for women. This is a violation of the reproductive function, and the inability to conceive and endure a healthy child, and early climax, and osteoporosis — bone fragility, leading to frequent fractures, and deterioration of hair quality and nails, and violation of thermoregulation.

The body weight deficit leads to early mortality from cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, strokes) and to the worst survival after severe surgical operations.

The causes of body weight deficit are serious diseases. These are diabetes mellitus 1, oncological diseases, an increased function of the thyroid gland, severe chronic diseases of the digestive system (atrophic processes, dysbacteriosis, violation of intestinal motility, etc.), mental illness (nervous anorexia).

If a person has no serious diseases, the causes of body mass deficiency may be a genetic constitutional feature. Often, these features of food behavior, when a person does not remember food and does not feel the appetite.

Can play the role of the nervous system. People with body weight deficit usually a very mobile nervous system that reacts as much as possible to small stresses. Often it is very mobile people, «you can not sit still,» are constantly moving, engaged in sports. Smoking and alcohol without snacks can also lead to a decrease in body weight.

What to do? In fact, it is necessary to act in three directions:

In nutrition, thin people, as a rule, there are no foods and dishes that contribute to a body mass. They usually bear fatty foods poorly and eat little easily friendly carbohydrates.

In the nutrition of people who want to gain weight must be present protein products (fish, meat, bird, cottage cheese, eggs), at least 3-4 times a day. Moreover, it can be medium fatty products. Soues to them better choose white with cream, sour cream. As a side dish, it is necessary to use carbohydrates: pasta, potatoes, cereals (from the corner is best white rice, a manka, wheat cereals, flakes or muesli for breakfast), bread.

It is also good for breakfast of more calorie dishes from cottage cheese: cheesery, pancakes with cottage cheese, sweet curders or pancakes with meat, dumplings. Cottage cheese, cheese and dairy products can be chosen greater fatty at good tolerability.

From vegetables, especially good pumpkin and rooteploods: carrots, beets, winegresters from them. And necessarily use of 3-4 fruit per day, better than sweet (bananas, grapes, plums, watermelon, melon), 1-2 times a day you can use juices after meals or smoothies. You can eat dried fruits, nuts, honey, jam or sweet pastries with protein or fruit stuffing on snacks.

In the days of classes on simulators or performing special exercises at home (push-ups, drops, with dumbbells, squats, lifts of their own body) Be sure to use protein products in combination with carbohydrates in 45-60 minutes before and immediately after classes. Classes should not be every day!

Sometimes it is enough to simply learn to contemplative relaxation, calm down internally, and the weight is normalized.

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