Interesting facts from the history of hotels and hotels

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Interesting facts from the history of hotels and hotels

Hotel business as such two thousand years ago in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. The first hotels looked at all five stars: a large house with a shared hall, separate bedrooms and stables. Sometimes in the general lobby was hosted.

Such their appearance persisted until the nineteenth century. But then, with the growth of the industry and the establishment of international relations, the hotels are becoming more and more, competition is growing, and the owners begin to think about the comfort of guests. Tourism develops, and the hotels appear in resorts and coasts. In 1906, the International Union of Hotel owners was organized, which united 1700 hotels in different countries of the world.

First bathrooms in the room

Surprisingly, this is a familiar thing as a bathroom in the hotel rooms, first appeared in London, in the hotel, open German

This hotel is still running, he is the favorite of the royal family. It was there for the last time appeared in the public, it was there during a wedding with Prince William, Kate Middleton and guests from her side were located.

The first radio receiver

This is now in most rooms even inexpensive hotels, and in the same 1927, a real breakthrough in the field of hotel business was equipped with his radio receivers — a Boston hotel network went to it.

First Christmas tree in the lobby

In almost every self-respecting hotel, a luxury fir is installed at Christmas, but the first to do it was thought of

This is a place with history. The author of the «Wizard from Oz» Layman Frank Baum wrote here his work here, and inspired place, creating a magical country. And here, from around the world, «Hunters for Ghosts» comes around, as it is believed that in one of the numbers there is a unclean force. This story inspired the «horror king» Stephen King, that he wrote about him the story «1408», according to which the same film was lifted.

24-hour room service and telephone

Prior to that, they thought up at the end of the 19th century, when they opened a new hotel


To the idea of creating in the room did not guessed in Europe, but in Asia, in the largest hotel network

First air conditioner in the room


First toiletries

Put in the rooms Little bottle with shampoo, small soaps and tubes of toothpaste first invented in London, in the hotel

Some records — the most among the hotels


The coldest

The oldest hotel

In Australia is located


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