Intoxication and stem

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Intoxication and stem

How much increases the content of alcohol in the blood depends on the set of factors. However, the general rule is that the more alcohol, the higher its blood content. At the same time, much depends on the rate of use: if you drink quickly, the content of alcohol in the blood increases stronger than with slow use. With an empty stomach, alcohol is completely absorbed and faster than the fusion person. Strong drinks are absorbed faster than light, creating a greater concentration of alcohol in the blood. Body weight is important: on thin people, the same amount of alcohol has a greater effect. In addition, alcohol acts in different ways on women and men. Since in the body

The degree of intoxication is estimated both by the exhaled air and with the help of blood test. The content of alcohol in exhaled air is measured in milligrams per liter. However, the concept of PROMILL is more often used. In order for milligrams to express in PROMILL to the liter, you need to multiply by 2.1. For example, intoxication from 0.5 ml / l in exhaled air corresponds to about 1.05 percent.

According to the legislation of Estonia, the following degrees of intoxication differ:

Management of the vehicle in a state of intoxication is a crime!

In some people, the symptoms of intoxication comes faster and easier than others. There are people who have already formed

In general, it is still possible to determine how mood and behavior changes at different degrees of intoxication.

0.2-0.3 PROMILL

0.7-0.9 PROMILL

1.0-1.2 PROMILL


1.6-1.9 PRMILL

More than 2.5 promil

More than 3.5 promil

More than 4 ppm

Healthy woman weighing 60 kg



Healthy man weighing 80 kg


(When calculated, the formula of the video card)

Is it possible to speed up the process of splitting alcohol?

95% of alcohol is excreted from the body thanks to the liver work. A small amount is released with exhaled air, with urine and through the skin. The only way to rub is to wait time.

How does the sauna mean affect?

Since less than 5% of alcohol leaves the body with then urine, the process of burning alcohol does not speed up any sauna or sweating on a hot summer day. Under the action of alcohol, the frequency of heartbeat is accelerated, the oxygen consumption increases. One of the reasons for accelerating cardiac activity is the expansion of blood vessels. Blood sticks to the skin, blood pressure drops, and therefore the heart begins to beat stronger to supply other organs. Therefore, the sauna and a healthy person can cause dangerous changes in blood circulation. In a state of intoxication, a person does not breathe heat saunas well enough and arising in it.

How affects cut coffee, energy drinks or cold shower?

Caffeine contained in coffee has a stimulating effect, but in reality only a man is browned, and does not remove intoxication. Similar to the coffee operates and shower: the process of burning alcohol is primarily in the liver, and it is impossible to change its speed. The joint use of alcohol and energy drinks increases the likelihood of alcohol poisoning. It can also cause dehydration, accompanied by diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, muscle cramps, fatigue and headache.

Is it possible to sneak faster due to workout?

Still it is impossible. As a result

Alcohol causes

Is it possible to have intoxicate from kefir and candy?

In kefir and some candy, it actually contains a minimum of alcohol (1-2% of the total mass), but such a small amount does not cause alcohol intoxication.