Is it easy to be a genius?

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Is it easy to be a genius?

Outows think that geniuses are the dasy of fate, which ideas are served from the sky.

They bathe in the rays of glory, famous for the whole world and are very consistent. And what to do those who have no talents? Who is to blame for this: heredity or parents who did not notice the gifts of their children? Who can answer all questions about the genius of man — that is already a genius.

Until now, scientists find it difficult to accurately answer this question. But there are a lot of discoveries in this area.

Brilliance — magical and mysterious quality. There are many genes for intelligence, a combination of the correct spermatozoa and eggs is of great importance. Children born from famous parents feel their unusual potential. They are proud of their parents and try to justify their hopes. But, according to statistics, there is no guarantee that two talented parents will have a child with unusual abilities. Genetics is a lottery.

How does the brain quality affect the gifts? Boys have more chances to become gifted than girls. In women, the brain volume is less than that of men. The lot of heavy sex to make non-standard solutions and conquer a new space. But the world had a huge number of outstanding women. Scientists explain this because all these women have increased the level of male hormone Testosterone. Hence all the genius. The only one, where women are stronger — this is poetry. Society reluctantly permits women to play male roles.

Every child in his own way is genial. If parents notice special abilities in a child, they begin to actively develop them. Scientists are advised not to rush. The brain of the child develops gradually, and nothing defined to the maturation of the brain cannot be said. The brightest discoveries in children are three year old and five years. And if parents cannot help implement the child’s abilities, there may be a nervous system failures. This is a failure of the program laid in man.

Many gifted people lose their gift when they are not supported at the critical moment of development. A talented mentor who thinks creatively and non-standard can help the development of a young genius. One diamond grinds the other, and one genius has a beneficial effect on another genius.

In the modern world of genius began to appear less and less. Gifted people were spiritual knowledge sets. One genius passed the baton — the impulse to another. Today, everyone decides money, and there is nothing to do here …