Is it possible to justify laziness?

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Is it possible to justify laziness?

Laine is traditionally considered as vicious quality of personality, like tunes and cheating. In the age of high technologies, the acceleration of life you need to run somewhere, participate in all events, work not to focus. And too lazy is considered as weakness, like raising a white flag: everything, I give up, I can no longer, I will leave the race. If a person does not work at all, he does not seek anything, then he condemns society and the nearest environment.

Is it possible to understand a lazy person? If he has a creative or personal crisis, then yes, some short time can be lazy important to accumulate energy. Sometimes the body itself asks to take a vertical position, and he can afford it. But if every day I do not want to do anything, go anywhere, then you should think about it, because it is lazy to prone to progress every day. It is no coincidence that it is necessary to relax several times a year, but with short intervals of 5-7 days, and more than once a year to leave for a month, or even more. The body begins to gradually get used to the lazy regime and can not get out of it, and the person will get frustrated, or even depression.

Laziness is useful for rebooting, but contraindicated as a permanent state of the person in which he dwells because it does not cause to work not only the body, but also the soul.