Is it possible to keep the face beautiful and look younger than the peer?

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Is it possible to keep the face beautiful and look younger than the peer?

Yes, you can, most importantly learn how to carefully care for the face. It is not difficult, and the result will amaze.

Care must be started with young years, wash away from dirt and wipe with tonic. From 25 years you need to include morning moisturizing creams. And from 30 years old, the evening nutritional cream is sure. But each cream is selected by age and skin type.

I will tell about full care after 30 years. In the morning, when you wake up, it is necessary to wash the gel or milk.
Next, wipe your face with tonic or lotion and apply an eye cream and a moisturizing protective coherent.

Why wash your face? After all, we just woke up and skin clean?
While we sleep in the skin take different processes, the fat is distinguished, the old cells die off and new ones grow.

Imagine a dirty fat plate if you wash it just with water, does she happen? NO! Also, the person needs specials. means.

The tonic additionally cleans the skin, moisturizes and works as a conductor, conducts cream in deep skin layers. The cream is selected by the type of skin and age.

In the evening you are doing, all the same, only take the other cream — evening. If you apply the cream to non-pecked skin, the fat and dirt on the skin will not give creams to penetrate inside and they will not work.

Once a week, use a pive rice. Fear chemical peels! And every half of the year spend a course of mace or other rejuvenating procedure. By the way, be sure to apply cream on massage lines. Put like and subscribe to the canal to remember how in 10 minutes a day you can save your beauty and be younger than your peers.