Is it possible to warm salt in the microwave

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Is it possible to warm salt in the microwave

Microwave made modern life much more comfortable. With this device, you can warm up or prepare almost any dish. Very often, the hostesses are sent to the microwave products, not knowing whether to warm them in the microwave, for example, a salt for compress.

The microwave is an electric oven that heats up and prepares water-containing food by exposure to it by electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. This causes polar molecules in the products to move quickly and produce heat energy in the process known as dielectric heating.

Microwave ovens act so quickly and efficiently because they direct heat energy inside food. Most household microwaves are 2.4 GHz for two reasons:

Air indoors of often high humidity. It would seem that the salt, which absorbed moisture should be warm in the microwave. But it is not so. Literally after a few seconds, the moisture will evaporate, and the furnace will warm the emptiness, which can lead to fire in the chamber.

Sodium chloride cannot absorb a lot of heat, so microwave radiation will damage the device, which will lead to overheating in a few minutes. In addition, it dries the product. Since all the water is lost, the salt will begin to be collected in solid crystals, which can be revealed only by the hammer.

Dry heat helps to cope with some ailments, for example, rhinitis, eye inflammation or muscle pain. Sodium chloride heating pad can be done at home without resorting to the help of microwave.

To warm up the salt, follow the following sequence of actions:

Home solution to combat ear infection — salt warmer. To do this, you will need a cotton white sock and a little sea salt.

How to make a heating:


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