Is it possible to write in the shower? What’s wrong?

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Is it possible to write in the shower? What’s wrong?

There is a toilet bowl for this. Although if you want, please.

One is bad, it reflects your level of culture. This is the same, if you were mowed over the sink with dishes

In the sense of the body, too, nothing terrible.

Your shower, the water runs with you, you can shit at home, you yourself will have to clean if that. I believe that in the heart you can write, your urine will go into the drain, will be cleaned and returns to the reservoir. But to cope the best need to be best in the toilet.

Such is the nature of man. When we hear the sound of flowing water, then we want to write instinctively. It is often used to obtain urine analysis in children when they are sleeping.

If you still have shy to admit that sometimes we go to the toilet «in a little» right in the shower, then you will learn that there is nothing wrong with that! In fact, it is even useful! I tried to find as many as 8 arguments in favor of such a prank.

So, here they are:


Each time you wash off in the toilet, you use 1.5-3 liters of water.

Imagine how expensive is every trip of need?

If you do it during the reception of the soul, then simply save water, because you will make two things at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that, because water gets straight into the sewer through the drain.

You will remain clean

The souls will help the body to relax from constant wiping after a trip to the toilet.

Your toilet will also remain clean.

With each new trip to the toilet, he becomes dirtier. It’s really bad, because there are many microbes in this room. The seat and bezel of the toilet is really very quickly dirty. If there is an opportunity to go «little» in the shower, why not?

Foot fungus will disappear!

Urinary acid and ammonia help to fight fungal infections, so if you accidentally press my legs, it will only benefit you!


Kegel’s muscles (pelvic bottom) are responsible for the support of the bladder, so if you have incontinence problems, then we can urinate in the soul — a great solution, because there you can practice with the exercises of Kegel, which are designed specifically in order to establish urination.

It is useful for the environment.

You will be able to save not only money, but also protect the environment, because it really suffers because we wash so much water in the toilet. This phenomenon was even called one of the environmental disasters!

Almost all do it

According to a survey conducted among 1,000 women in Glamor, from 75 to 80% of women admitted that it was diluted in the shower. Do not be ashamed, because there is nothing wrong with that!

You will feel like a rebel

Someone will make a tattoo, someone goes on the bike, and someone just peels in the soul and will feel from it extremely bold and decisive! Everyone should have their own form of rebellion!

Did you do it in the shower?

Now that you know about the benefit of this process, nothing should stop you!

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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