Is the plane crash — is it an end? What if….

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Is the plane crash — is it an end? What if….

According to the statistics of air transport — the safest in the world. US Safety National Council considered that from 1986 to 1999, 95% people survived in aviation incidents; And the European Council on Safety says that in 1996 survived 90% in the accidents.

Nevertheless, we shock us any news about the fault of airliners, and the news about the crash and survivors occupy top lines of news portals. So, famous

Date of tragedy:

Only Bayya Bakari from France in his 13 years was able to survive the flight of the flight 626 Yemenia airline. As a result of a catastrophic fall, the mother of Aziza Abud’s mother was also died.

The plane fell into the Indian Ocean and began to sink along with passengers. The girl miraculously did not go to the bottom, grabbed for the debris. So she spent 9 hours in the waters of the restless Mozambique Strait, besides popular among sharks.

Maturaffi Libouunah sailor (in the photo above) jumped into the ocean when he saw Bayy, and could help her get to a safe place. The victim spent on the hospital for 21 days with a fracture of the clavicle, many bruises and strongest stress.

Bakari is now 23 years old, and she shared his emotional memories in the book «surviving», which Spielberg himself wanted to film. But so far, Baia is not ready for such a step.

«We all understood that we fell. Then I saw the plane went under the water. I heard a number of people’s voices. But I could not see anything, because it was very dark. I grabbed something hard, I don’t even know what it was, and so tried to stay afloat. «

No wonder the name of the girl in translation means «hope». Her, most likely, threw out through the crack in the plane, so she did not stop with the rest.

Date of tragedy:

Cecilia Sichan was 4 years old when she experienced a terrible air crash of 1987 in Detroit. The plane after takeoff was never able to dial the height, crashed a pillar and collapsed on a busy road. The airliner continued his fatal journey until the overpass stopped him.

The crew of the aircraft, failed to properly install the flaps and the preds of the aircraft for the take-off, and the alert system for unknown reasons did not warn about the problem.

Only a little girl managed to escape, the rest died, including parents and brothers Cecilia. Mom covered the child with her body. Two more people were mortally injured on the road.

In school, she learned that she became the only surviving in a plane crash, in 2012 at her wedding walked the lifeguard who found it, and only now she can talk about a crash, when the tattoo on his hand became a symbol of fearlessness before the flight.

Date of tragedy:

Larisa Savitskaya returned from the honeymoon with his husband Vladimir when the passenger plane in which they flew, faced the military aircraft Tu-16k. As a result of the plane crash on two aircraft killed 37 people, including her husband.

«At the time of the crash, we immediately lost the roof and wings. There were screams. I turned to my husband and saw that he was dead. At that moment I was sure that I would also die. «

Savitskaya was found three days after the crash. Aeroflot paid her 75 rubles (then equivalent to 20 dollars), and the KGB warned not to speak publicly about what happened.

The victim received serious injuries of the spine, the fracture of the hands, ribs, concussion, because it fell from a height of more than 5,000 meters, but did not receive disability. It was even rumored about her that the woman took part in special tests. Larisa broke silence and shared the truth for the first time in 2001.

Date of tragedy:

Casual October Day Caroline Cross, 49-year-old mother of three children and director of its own company Ondine Biomedical flew to a business meeting with other entrepreneurs in the medical sphere.

After about 15 minutes from the start of the flight, the pilot told the passengers that they were returning to the airport due to a small leakage of oil. Caroline in a small plane immediately noticed too nervous voltage of the crew and understood that everything is bad. The woman was ready to die and decided to touch himself to say goodbye to children and husband, sending them to email.

Letter subject:

Into pieces. I will always be with you.

Message time — 16:02, Catastrophe time — 16:10. Fortunately, Caroline lost consciousness during the strike, but soon came to mind:

«The next thing I felt is the smell of fuel and immediately woke up. I started screaming on other passengers: «Wake up! Wake up! Get out from here! «

A woman with a broken head, paralyzed legs and broken teeth in a glowing plane, managed to do with the doors, where it was pulled out and taken into a safe place.

Now the surviving Keroline is even more confident that he must bring his medical care to the end. The mission of its company is to spread through hospitals an affordable laser to combat infections in counterweight antibiotics.

Date of tragedy:

The history of 22-year-old Stewardles Spring Vollovich begins very interesting — she should not fly by this flight, but went to the flight instead of Stewartes, which was also called spring. This error completely changed the life of the girl.

The ill-fated accident happened during the flight over the village of Serbian Kamenitsa (now the Czech Republic), when the plane scored a height of 10,000 meters. Suddenly, the pilots cabin sharply pulled away from the main part, and the ship rushed down. The investigation claims that it was a bomb of terrorists.

«Our plane flew from Stockholm, a change in Copenhagen, we took a plane with a bomb. At that time, you were put on the plane as a bus, you could get to all intermediate stations, and the control measures were not as today. After my accident, new rules were introduced. «

A girl, can be said, successfully threw out of the salon on the snow branches of trees, where she found her local resident. Survival «helped» loss of consciousness and low pressure, because with a normal heart it would not stand. Then followed the coma, long four and a half years of restoration, work in the office of the same airline and the award from Paul McCartney.

Spring died in 2016, having lived 66 years old and even hitting the Guinness Book of Records because of his high-rise fall without a parachute.

Date of tragedy:

On that day, the Brazilian football team «ChapeCoense» flew into Bolivia to the final of the Cup 2016 Cup final with the Columbia Team Atlético Nacional.

Only six people survived, after the plane crashed into the Mountains of Colombia. Three football players remained alive, two passengers and a member of the crew of Erwin Tumyri, who told the edition of Mirror that following the protocol is what saved him.

«I saved myself, because I followed the emergency protocol: put the bags between the legs and took the position of the fetus. I saw that most passengers got up and began to scream. «

After the tragedy, the Columbian football club asked to award the victory of the Brazilian team.

Date of tragedy:

As you can see, rarely, who can be survived in plane crashes, especially elderly people. Sizov’s flight manager Alexander Borisovich was 52 years old, when the hockey players of the Russian club «Lokomotiv» died from Yaroslavl as a result of the fall of the airliner. Nothing foreshadowed troubles, the flight began to calmly and Sizov even trisky.

«I woke up when someone said loudly:» Why not take off? » I looked into the porthole. It was seen that the plane is moving. After 5-7 seconds, the plane came to the ground. Then he took off, but not smoothly, but rebuilt the nose. Then my soul went into the heels. All the beginning to move: partitions, panels. And that’s it. On the collision. «

The plane fell into the river from which the flight starter began to be selected with the pilot body, hoping that he was alive. He received burns, fracture of the hip, damage to the skull and chest.

After the testimony in the Court of Sizov live quietly, refused to communicate with journalists and does not want to remember the tragedy.

And how do you feel about flights? Quietly fly or still afraid? Share with us with your feelings!