Is the plane not safe?!

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Is the plane not safe?!

Today, air travel acquired such popularity that aircraft in terms of use frequency for tourists were equal to cars and trains. However, traveling in the air seems to many very dangerous and not quite reliable.

Is it true how our ideas about the danger of air flights correlate with statistics and how often airplanes fall?

In the period of long-awaited holidays and long holidays, many are faced with the problem of choosing a transport type for foreign journeys for hot beaches or snow-covered ski resorts.

And it is complicated, for you need to correlate many factors, such as the convenience of movement, the price tag on the journey itself and, most important, security.

Slightly above the route at the train.

If you take into account cars, their safety rating is generally low, for they are initially considered very attendant for moving over long distances.

However, in the struggle between various types of transport on the criterion of reliability, everything is not so simple.

Nevertheless, people, even despite official scientific confirmation, do not even experience confidence in them.

Why it happens?

Maybe the news about what the plane fell somewhere, very much tourists frighten?

When determining the level of safety of aircraft, the number of tragic events for the total number of flight kilometers is taken. It is this type of calculation that the stars are mainly used, and it is its results that are published in official sources.

In the way the crash of the aircraft occurs much less. But this method of calculation is very profitable for transport companies, and they very often enjoy them, so as not to defeat the desires of tourists to choose for traveling by air travel. Nevertheless, such an indicator, as those who died in a plane crash (their number), with accidents on take-off and landing, acquires a very big scale.

It is only worth viewing a summary of the tragic moments in any city and you can see that pedestrians die a lot, even more than motorcyclists.

If you explore the remaining methods of statistical research, then the aircraft will give way to the train.

For example, by the number of passengers’ death on the number of trips and the speed of movement of airfares are the most unfavorable.

When considering other research methods, it turns out that the trains are best to choose. So, no accident for tourists fever from one news that the plane fell, and the railway ride on the right has an advantage in mind the consciousness of people.

Whatever it is, it will still have to fly, because there are such resorts, where in any other way of transport you just do not get there, but I really want.

Despite the bad forecasts, negative reviews and dark views, our country is still not the weakest flight safety.

If you build a rating for countries — owners of aircraft, it can be said that in the number of the first five entering Finland, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UAE. It is the companies that this top is worth flying, and then no accident will be scary. Russia in this ranking is on a sixteenth place with Transaero.

Why do airplanes fall? Tourists first of all before the choice of airline give preference to firms with the most «young» on the deadlines for the use of modes of transport.

According to them, in Russia, the company with the most disturbed transport park is «Aeroflot». The use of its aircraft is less than five years. However, Finland, which occupies a leading position on the safety of flights and a small number of advantages, has a period of operation of their cars for more than nine years.

This fact indicates that the crash of the aircraft from the worniness and service life is unlikely. Having chosen the airline by the criterion of the small age value of its transport, the probability of falling is not at all decreasing. If you turn to the statistics, you can see that more aircraft crash is due to the human factor, and it does not go anywhere.

How to overcome your fear of flights, because there are situations when traveling by plane is simply not avoided. Psychologists on this score give delivel tips. If the fear is caused by any disorders in the psyche, be it fear of heights, panic attacks or fear of small closed space, then these problems need to be solved.

Nevertheless, in many cases, the fear is caused by the lack of complete personal control over the situation and safety of the flight. It is necessary to take as inevitable, because from us any movement on transport depends little. Therefore, it is recommended at the airfare to simply relax and distract from bad thoughts on watching a movie in the tablet or listening to pleasant music. In no case do not use alcohol as removal of stress. It’s really a nervous state if it squeezes, it is very short, and then the problem is only aggravated. Fear of flights need to be solved first of all with itself. There is no need to simply flutten your nerves, taking into account the information of the news channels on how often aircraft fall, and you just need to calm down and try to take your emotions under control.

If we appeal to the World Statistics, you can recognize «Boeing» in the most unreliable, the second in the number of falls is «An», in third place is located «Il». If you turn to Russian research, you can see that the most «falling» in our country will be «an». Why do airplanes fall? For the only 2005 year in Russia, the collapse of the whole nine cars of this brand. In the world, they account for nineteen percent of all disasters.

The reasons for aircraft in Russia are explained by journalists in one vein — an outdated transport park of domestic companies. Is it really and how often do airplanes fall for this reason?

In general, the aging of air transport is expressed not in the number of years after its production, but in the sum of the rated hours and the general technical condition. According to statistics, Russia has airplanes still Soviet times and their percentage is much higher than foreign production aggregates. However, you should not look at age. Compared to foreign vessels, domestic fluttered much less hours, and the Soviet quality of production was one of the best in the world.

For what reason then Russia acquires overseas aircraft for considerable money when there is a completely reliable car? As an example, the aircraft «TU» can be brought. They have excellent flight safety statistics, and pilots consider them most convenient to the technical device.

One of the reasons is the fact that the «TU» aircraft are very consumable by the number of fuel consumed. And since airfares have long been turned into a separate type of business, director of companies in pursuit of a reduction in the cost of servicing the park of their cars give preference to foreign liners, which are significantly saving Russian analogues.

Another reason is the fooling production in Russia of new aircraft. The technologies of their release are significantly outdated, the investments in air facilities are not performed. Therefore, our country cannot compete with more advanced foreign units.

In Russia, in order to stabilize the situation with the aircraft manufacturing market, the president was signed by a decree on the establishment of the United Aircraft Corporation. Moreover, investments in aircraft manufacturers in the amount of ten billion dollars were planned. It was in a distant 2006. Currently, the situation has not improved at all. The process of education of the corporation very much slowed down and, if you believe the journalists, the purpose of its creation was not a study of the competitor market, but to unite all the assets of Russian airlines in one place.

Nevertheless there are positive movements. Ilyushin Finance has acquired aircraft «IL» and «TU» from Russia. The Tashkent Production Association concluded an agreement with the St. Petersburg airline for the supply of Russia «IL» aircraft, most of which will be Russian configuration.

From the fall of the aircraft, no one is insured. However, if you have the necessary information about what happens when the aircraft falls, there is a chance to survive when crashing. In the nineties, an accident with a liner «B-707» occurred. Died in a plane crash counted hundreds of people. Nevertheless, five passengers took advantage of the information from the stewardess instructions and survived.

In some cases there is a chance to escape if you have the necessary knowledge. They are not so useless, as it seems at first glance. Knowing what happens when a plane falls, you can apply a lot of effective methods for your own security.

As the main ways to protect yourself, as shown by the statistics of the plane crash, is the observance of precautions. First of all, it is necessary, if possible, stay in shoes and clothing. It will be a fire protection. It should be removed from the pockets of clothing all foreign objects and tightly fasten the seat belt. It is allowed to remove it only after the special team of the stewardess.

Immediately before the accident, if there is such an opportunity, it is necessary to take a protective pose — you need to get started as low as possible and very hard to force your hands under the knees. The head should be put on them, and if it is impossible to do, then omit it as much as possible. Legs should be left as close as possible to the floor. This technique, and fully proves the statistics of the plane crash, often saves the life of passengers when crashing the aircraft.

It’s not a terrible thing to fly. The main thing is to use tickets only by time tested by time and small number of crash airlines, as well as comply with the security requirements for passengers of aircraft, so that the experts do not have to study the black box of the falling aircraft on which you flew to relax in the warm country.

Safe flights and successful landings with takeoffs!

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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