Is there a hidden memory in smartphones?

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Is there a hidden memory in smartphones?

Why on the memory of the memory less than the manufacturer declared in the characteristics?

After purchasing a smartphone, many users are surprised to find that the amount of integrated memory declared by the manufacturer does not correspond to reality. In the case of budget phones after saving applications or photos, notifications are be displayed that the memory is not enough. This situation is completely normal and is associated with the technical characteristics of gadgets.

So, after buying a smartphone after a while, a message about a shortage of memory begins to display. The user goes to the settings and observes a reduced memory. For example, if 32 GB is declared the manufacturer, and on the fact the device shows only 24 GB. This is not a marriage or deception, because the memory is spent under systemic needs.

Some users think that the manufacturer intentionally deceives buyers or simply allowed a mistake in the characteristics of the phone, others suspect a marriage. This is a common misconception. The secret is the distribution of internal memory — one part is given to the storage of user information, the other is intended for stable operation of the Android operating system and «native» applications.

After installing the file manager, you can detect that «hidden memory» is required to store system folders and files:

Thus, the internal memory of the gadget is distributed among the listed sections. The manufacturer sets the size of each «disk» without the consent of the user. For example, if 32 GB is specified in the device characteristics, 8 GB of them can be designed to operate the system. Unable to delete system files, so there is no «hidden» or «blocked» memory.

To solve the shortage of free space in the phone, we recommend that you follow several rules:

There is an opinion that you can «redistribute» the memory of the smartphone. First, this requires administrator rights, secondly, certain skills. It is important to understand that any interference in the operating system can lead to errors or complete inoperability of the smartphone, so we recommend refusing radical methods.