Is there a meat after thirty?

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Is there a meat after thirty?

Why are meat products are undesirable for those who have crossed the frontier of 30 years and why better exclude them from the menu, even if you have not previously imagined life without meat?

In order to digest this heavy food for a person, a lot of energy is required. But his body works hard, which leads to rapid aging.

The meat is a «alien product» for a person, it does not digestively and causes the processes of rotting in the intestine, which leads to the replacement of useful microflora to the pathogenic.

Meat food does not turn into amino acids needed by a person, she poisoned him, clogs slags and toxins that come down for years.

Last years you do not add youth, beauty and cheerfulness to us. We become weaker, we are overwhelming the diseases that have become chronic. Instead of starting to follow yourself, a person eats harmful food, including meat.

After 30, it is necessary to think about health. Start playing sports, more walk and abandon harmful meals. Replace hard food to light — vegetables, fruits, porridge.

This will allow you to notice change — the heaviness in the abdomen, drowsiness, fatigue will disappear. If you free yourself from the load, you will get an energy in return that you can send to more pleasant things.

Typing right, be active, live long and easily and write in the comments, what do you think about the dangers and benefits of meat?