I’ve got a hangover! How to bore it with him? How to facilitate it?

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I’ve got a hangover! How to bore it with him? How to facilitate it?

One of the causes of hangover, that is, alcoholic

The symptoms of the hangover appear when the alcohol content in the blood begins to decline to the natural level close to zero.

Drinking, never break

Before drinking, be sure to worry. Then alcohol will be absorbed slower, and you will be less inxicate.

In order to feel better the next day, it is important in addition to alcohol to drink enough water. Having flooded with water, you drink less alcohol, and the water helps to reduce fluid loss. Before the departure to sleep, too, drink some large glasses of water.

Containing more impurities of drinks, usually dark colors — such as red wine, brandy and port wine — cause more severe hangover.

Do not mix drinks of different types. It annoys the stomach and guarantees future torment.

However, is there two liters of water save you from a hangover? Obviously, no. Coinciding symptoms of dehydration and hangover — thirst, weakness and headache. Was you ever such a hangover that you could not eat and spent all day on your knees before the toilet? Daily light murderous cutting, and to express connected at least one thought, almost impossible? These symptoms are not associated with dehydration, but with a toxic action of alcohol.

Morning Opugh smoky is often the signal of the serious danger of what

Food undoubtedly can help prevent hangover, but it is necessary to eat before drinking alcohol. The best choice will be fat dishes that are slowly learned. If you drink alcohol on the full stomach, it will be slower to absorb blood, and the hangover will be a little easier for the next day.

Immirement Consumption, or Binge Drinking

Some people literally swear that beer and wine do not cause such a serious hangover like strong drinks. In fact, you

In addition, it is useful to remember that:

During the hangover and the rate of reaction, and coordination of eyes and hands, and the balance is violated, which will affect your sporting achievements that require quick and accurate action.

In addition, there will be no benefit from the evening reception of an inlets: it will give me a relief of everything for a few hours, but in a dream you do not feel any pain in some way. If necessary, accept the painful in the morning.

In addition, while you suffer a hangover, lose a lot of invaluable time, which could be spent better. Perhaps you will not have time to work or do not get there, perhaps the precious hours of communication with family and loved ones will disappear.