Liftedness — conscious choice or madness?

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Liftedness — conscious choice or madness?

In the distant times, a lot of children had the norm to be the norm, since there were no contraceptive means, and most children died in infancy, the units lived to the ripe age. Now, at least medicine and advanced far ahead, many things seem to be incredible. The main question that is asked for a large pair: «Do you fool out financially?» And this is not idle curiosity, because a large couple is very limited to work in the ability to work, and some ladies and at all dedicate themselves entirely to the family and raising children. There are those women who give birth or take children’s children’s home for benefits and money. Usually they turn into «ugrates», which everyone must have. In some nations (for example, Gypsy) many children are a prerequisite and all approved.

But what is now more familiarity? The question is ambiguous, because life is complicated. From a woman now takes not only to be a good mother, but also a conscientious worker. Sit at home, alas, not everyone turns out. Having become a large mother, a woman understands that it became easier in the sense that children can take care of each other, do not grow egoists, hold together, together. However, the financial burden increases, which is far from everyone to stand. And if there is no husband, he left or died, then the content of children fully falls on the shoulders of a woman.

Largeness is a conscious choice if it costs the unconditional love for children and the desire to make maximum for them, and madness — if we hope only to the state, and children act as a way to solve material and psychological (loneliness, unnecessary) problems.