Like Leonardo da Vinci outdoor time: original drawings of amazing cars

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Like Leonardo da Vinci outdoor time: original drawings of amazing cars

Researchers believe that if Leonardo da Vinci had modern materials, humanity for several centuries would earlier would have received many useful inventions: deltoplans, apparatus for water, self-deviating cars and much more. Today, more than 5,000 handwritten pages of the Great Inventor are known, most of them are collected in notebooks — Codes. In our review — Drawings of fantastic devices Leonardo da Vinci and the author comments to some of them.

Helicopter: … I think that if this screw mechanism is complicated, i.e. Made from the closer (in order to avoid breaks) and quickly promoted, he will find a support for air and takes off high up …

The system of take-off and landing: … Look at the stone strife, who sat on the ground and can not take off because of his short feet; And when he is in flight, pull out the staircase, as shown on the second image from above … So you need to take off the plane; These stairs serve as legs …

Option of aircraft

Parachute: … if a person has a tent of dense tissue, each of the sides of which is 12 lengths of hand, and height — 12, then he can jump, not crashing, from any significant height

Imitating the bird wing with feathers, Leonardo has developed wings with sliding doors from networks, cane or papers that open when take-off.

Ornitottero wing test: … If you want to make a real check of wings, make a design of paper and network with a cane 20 hand long and 12 m wide and attach it to a board weighing 200 pounds and push it suddenly. And if 200 pound board will rise before the wing drops, you can consider tests successful …

Excavator Leonardo — the machine for lifting and transporting the dumped material The excavator was installed on the rails and, as the work is promoted, moved forward.

System for walking on water and lifebuoy

Breathing apparatus under water with a floating dome on the surface, diving costume projects and swimming overflowing gloves

Hydraulic mechanisms — Archimedean screws and water wheels

Eternal screw — system for moving

2 types of speed switches and transmissions system (transmissions)

The self-devaluing cart is a car prototype. The movement should occur with the help of a complex arbal mechanism.

Bicycle Leonardo da Vinci

Elements of the hourly mechanism

Rapid fire arbalet

Scary military vehicles — platforms equipped with braids, which existed in ancient Rome: … These mowers were diverse and often caused huge damage to both allies and enemies … Against these carts should be exhibited arrows from onions and crossbows, prag and all species Darts, peak, stones, fire. All this, as well as the drum battle and screams will scare horses, and those throwing up the ultimate …

The prototype of the tank is a heavy van in the shape of a turtle, armed from all sides by cannons and armored armor. The crew should consist of 8 people.

Options for rapid tools

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