Magic force action or how to learn everything

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Magic force action or how to learn everything

Many people are trying to do everything at once, but in the end they do not have time. They simply do not know how to organize their actions correctly. Each of us has a day of 24 hours, a week out of 7 days and so on. Our performance in life and success in general depends solely on the level of productivity. It is possible to organize yourself and become a more productive personality, only if you learn to have time to do all the tasks set in front of you.

Probably, you noticed that as an example, the planning wizard is used mainly successful businessmen. If you have to communicate with a similar type of people in life, then you must have noticed their organization and habit to plan everything alternatively. To their business constantly grow, businessmen need to be aware of each event and solve any problem on time and right. But you do not think that a similar habit is useful only in business, because it must be developed for each person. It concerns even schoolchildren, housewives and grandparents.

Start to run your personal blog. It should be such that you like. At his choice, it can recommend only the following: the size it should be the A6 and more, cover with a nice picture for you and comfortable razlinovka. Pre-write in it every minute plans for the next day. Perhaps, at first, you’ll have time to do only a certain part of all his plans, but it will take time, it will become a habit, and you will be extremely productive person. As soon as the first time, perform all the planned day of action and to meet the deadline, once a little harder for a list of to-do on the following days, and so each time.

When you begin to keep a diary of habit, and not for need, it’s time to go to the next stage. Now you need to start making sorting all your plans. Share all actions on urgent and urgent, as well as on those that need to be done in the first, second, third time. Perform the most difficult and important things at the beginning of the day, and leave the little things for the evening. With this you learn how to manage to perform the task of any complexity at the desired time.

What do you think you can make plans for paper to realize? It depends only on how organized you are. To keep everything, you need to have the power of will, but it is far from everyone. If it turned out that you are one of these people, then do not despair, it can be developed in yourself.

Doctors, businessmen, scientists — they all say that the routine of the day is an extremely important thing. Many are difficult to even imagine how they will have time to cope with the affairs, if they begin to live every day on the schedule, but it really helps it very much. First of all, you need to learn to fall asleep and wake up daily at a certain time. Weekends and holidays also concern this. With all this, your sleep should last about 8 hours a day. In fact, it is quite simple to achieve this result. Remove evening gatherings in social networks from your life, in front of the TV and so on. Try every morning to pay 5-10 minutes of charging, it charges you with energy for the whole day. As soon as you learn how to do all this, you can consider your power of the will invincible.

This section is one of the simplest. Think about how important it is for you 2-3 hours a day to flip the news feed in Facebook or Instagram? Or what gives you to watch TV? Of course, you will not give an answer, because you kill this time unconsciously. Try to live a week without it, and then draw a conclusion how productively you have become over the last week. Results will surprise you.

If you really like to spend time on social networks or other places that kill time, then at least do it only after all scheduled actions have been done on the day.