Mandatory tips for beginners How to safely ride a motorcycle

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Mandatory tips for beginners How to safely ride a motorcycle

Motorcycle is a very convenient vehicle. Despite its small-sized, there are so many important points that you need to know the motorcyclist before starting riding it. Attention to these trifles can save you health and life.

If you are a novice, sign up for courses on a safe ride on a motorcycle and be sure to visit them. In addition, such a course will teach you to many things that will help you remain safe, but it will also improve your driving technique. This, in turn, will help you to save on life insurance or reduce hospital accounts in the event of an accident, the probability of which is very high. This is especially true for those who do not want to use complete equipment for motorcyclists with the exception of a helmet, considering that protection still will not save them from injuries.

Redighten your self-preservation instinct to the fact that with the accident you will need to jump from the motorcycle at speed. In certain situations, this is the only way to avoid heavier damage from your own bike.

If you live or often ride in densely populated bedrooms, then any experienced motorcyclist will advise you to go away from such places. If only because your neighbors or passersby begin to complain about your inexperience and unsafe for others. Private car parking is perfect for beginners. Practice on it until you feel that you fully control the motorcycle. Learn to stop, starting easily and smoothly. Find out how long it is required to safely reduce the speed on the bike. This is not the same thing that stop the car.

For trial street trips, it is better to choose the time of day when transport is the least. Strong and tight movement at rush hour can easily provoke an accident even in your very first departure. Select the route that passes through low-populated areas, such as country houses or picturesque forest roads. And it is not worth something that did not go to the motorway until you gain experience.

Never, never become aggressive in relation to cars or truck drivers. These cars are not your rivals and always have an advantage. They are free, heavier and have much greater power. If someone overtook you and «sat on the tail», tap your stop signals several times. If they do not stop, change the traffic strip or give them the road, pulling away a little to the side.

We all know that the black color is the coolest for biker, right? Well, if you are going to ride at night in poorly illuminated places, much more important than it looks cool to see you of other drivers. And it doesn’t matter what friends say! Make sure your overall lights and headlights are bright and clean. Also think over the placement of the reflective tape on the back of the helmet (if you use it, and you use, right?) And on the back.

Never trust the rear view mirrors next car. Their drivers are some incomprehensible way, regardless of the noise of the bike, may simply not see you! Again, the blind zones in most modern cars are quite large and easily hide even a truck, not that motorcycle.