Methods of cooking silver water at home

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Methods of cooking silver water at home

On the bactericidal properties that silver water and silver have a generally known for humanity, but only in the XIX century, scientists were able to study and confirm the disinfectant properties of this metal. After conducting a series of studies, it became clear that from all metals precisely silver has the strongest bactericidal properties. This makes it a real weapon in the fight against microorganisms. It explained is just one capability of this metal — silver with a fairly high speed starts to penetrate into the cell, while it can not share, but is still viable.

Today, options and industries in which silver water is used, very, very much. It consumes astronauts during flights and seafarers in long swabs, and mineral waters, juices, milk, etc. can be preserved with it.
Especially diverse and widespread use such water found in medicine and pharmacology. Thanks to it, it is possible to extend the shelf life of liquid drugs, for example, drops or info, for a significantly long term. Since silver is a mandatory element in maintaining the normal activities of many glands of internal secretion and generally positively affects all physiological processes in the human body, then doctors recommend using such water in preventive purposes to avoid viral and infectious diseases. It also processes damaged skin areas, whether it is a burn or wound.

Preventive consumption of water with silver ions will help in stimulating the circulatory system and improving the overall state of the blood, and will also speed up and facilitates the treatment of many diseases.

It should be borne in mind that it is not necessary to constantly use such water, because silver ions will occur in the body, and this can lead to their overabr and subsequently to the metabolic disordation, a decrease in vital activity or depressive state. Therefore, drinking silver water is recommended only in the prevention or treatment of various diseases.

There are several ways with which you can easily get silver water without leaving the house, each of them allows you to achieve a certain level of silver concentration in the liquid. These procedures are quite simple and do not require special skills.

First method

Second way

Third way

With this ionator, water with a smaller concentration can be obtained. You just need to adjust the time of its work and the volume of water. Withstand the device in three liters of water for 30 seconds — it is weakly concentrated silver water, and if for three minutes — then the average concentrated. But it will not be possible to find out exactly the concentration of silver ions in the home-made ion, as it depends on several factors: silver product samples, current and duration of the reaction. To accurately know the level of saturation, you need to purchase an industrial ionator that can be adjusted and programmed.

Used silver products with time can begin to darken, but it can easily fix it — just their cleaner.

Also our ancestors many centuries ago knew about the healing effects of silver water. Probably, each of us noticed that such water does not deteriorate, no matter how much it was. This fact suggests that microorganisms do not multiply in such water, and this makes it an excellent disinfectant. Also, moderate use of water treated with silver will not cause the human body harm, as, for example, water treated with chlorine.

Below we give a few examples in which it is shown at what diseases and how to use silver water:

Cooked silver water is recommended to store in a dark place. If you notice that flakes begin to appear in it — then such water is no longer suitable for use.

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