Mirror code Leonardo da Vinci — the key to the solo chassis of scientific treatises and picturesque canvases of genius

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Mirror code Leonardo da Vinci — the key to the solo chassis of scientific treatises and picturesque canvases of genius

All connected with the name of the Great Leonardo da Vinci is one solid riddle, which is already trying to solve humanity for five centuries. About three thousand books are written about him, after reading which is united, we could hardly understand the legendary personality enveloped by secrets. However, the key to some encrypted jobs was unexpectedly found by researchers at the turn of 20-21 centuries. And in this case it would be appropriate to notice: «everything is genius just.»

Life and acts of almost a single person on the planet did not cause so many contradictory disputes and opinions as the name of the Great Master of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci. Last lifetime, having a reputation of the magician, a magician and a wizard, he consciously multiplied legends, rumors and secrets around himself. Therefore, some believed that the famous Italian was mentally ill, others were confident that he had a connection with alien civilizations, but the third — that he subjugated his black magic. However, everyone converged in one: Leonardo was a genius and one of the best minds of mankind.

Yes Vinci was to everything else and a skillful magician, which gave the right to contemporaries to call him a magician and a sorcerer. He knew many secrets, allowing to turn white wine into red; Peel the cane, without breaking the glasses, on which her ends lay, to write their saliva as ink. And also shock and impress the public with many other focus, which is attributed to black magic.

Leonardo, for 67 years of his life, tried about a dozen professions, and its inventions and discoveries cover about fifty areas of knowledge, which will continue to fall into the main directions of development of modern civilization. And what would he guide his skill and energy potential, he always reached amazing results, some of which were not surpassed so far.

The Master’s approach was unique and to his self-improvement. He was unusual methods concluded in psychotechnical exercises, aggravated his perception of the world, improved memory and developed imagination. He owned the secret knowledge of the human psyche. Used the secret formula of daily sleep, which allowed the genius to cut it from 8 to 2 hours per day. And he slept for 15 minutes every 4 hours than saved 75% of the time that the lifetime was extended in fact.

The engineer’s scientist practically all of his finds and inventions encrypted and coded. Apparently, with the purpose of His ideas, humanity could disclose gradually, as they «endured». And he helped to resort to the encryption of the ability of the inventor to write with both hands, and «Mirror» — that is, to the right left.

Until our days, the unique treatises of Leonardo, who have not been deciphering a long time for a long time. It was believed that the language in which the author exposed his messages and described the inventions went to non-existence as extinct.

So, in order to disassemble the five centuries ago, a conventional mirror took the ingenious inventor. And what was the shock of scientists when they could freely read the notes of Leonardo about what would be in the future. I mean in our present. Incomprehensible hieroglyphs, reflected in the mirror plane, became ordinary words, understandable to any modern Italian. And really a lot of what Leonardo wrote already came true, namely: Flying apparatus, telephone communications, cars, submarines, agricultural machines appeared.

It is noteworthy that the inventor specially allowed errors in the drawings in order to prevent, speaking by today’s language, «industrial espionage». That is why many mystery of the genius remain for humanity as decided and so far.

Scientists-mechanics several centuries could not disassemble the draft of his self-devil the trolley to build it. And it laid the principle used in modern engineering.

And Leonardo da Vinci «. I invented a jade, submarine, steamer, helicopter, bike, glider, parachute, tank, machine gun, poisoning gases, smoke vest for troops, magnifying glass, ordinary flippers.

. He also invented «textile machines, weaving machines, needles manufacturing machines, powerful lifting cranes, swamp drying systems by means of pipes, arched bridges. He created the drawings of the gates, levers and screws, designed to raise huge severity. «

In his treatises, Leonardo accurately indicated the dimensions of the «devices for safe descent from high height». Tester from Switzerland Olivier Teplo, dried to a jump from 650 meters, noted that the flight under the dome of such a design is safe, but the parachute itself is practically not managed.

This drawdown design equipped with gear wheels, cannons and turrets was a prototype of a modern tank. Such a «hedgeh» could deliver eight people on the battlefield completely unharmed.

Artist’s artistic cloths, shrouded in mystery, always attracted art historians who tried to reveal their secrets. To the secret of the painted cauldron was able to close the Argentine historian Hugo Conti. He first decided to check the mirror method in the masters’ paintings, with the help of which scientific treatises were read.

At the head of the Volunteer Group, Conti did several discoveries that made a coup in the studies of the Art Heritage Leonardo. First, the researcher proved that all images of Winci paintings are not addressed not to emptiness, but look at certain points. And if you attach mirrors to them, completely new strange figures are formed. So the Connya found a number of demons on the picture «Holy Anna with Madonna and Baby Jesus», «John the Baptist» and on the most «Montna Lisa».

And historians read in some Leonardo records and shocking prophecies, which are horrified. Apparently this is what else will have to happen. Truly terrible events expect in the future earthlings: «Sea water floods the city, rising to the vertices of the mountains»; «Earth will expuse, the beasts come out of her with whom humanity will come into fighting»; «Babies will be taken away and severely killed.» «At high altitude, birds and snake will begin to fight»; «Half of men will lose the seeds and become barren»; «Parts of people will have to hide from daylight and live families in the caves.»

And Leonardo predicts what people will be able to walk without moving — apparently to teleport, communicate with those who are not nearby — quite likely on Skype. And hear those who do not say — it is possible to read thoughts.

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