Motel and hotel — what is the difference?

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Motel and hotel — what is the difference?

Hotel and motel. I think many wondered or wondering «And what is the difference between the hotel and the motel? And does this difference exist? » The difference really takes place to be. But in our time, the borders of the differences are gradually erased between these institutions.

After World War II, the word «motel» fell into dictionaries, and the number of these institutions began to grow, especially in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In fact, the motel conceived as a small, cozy hotel in which the tired driver can spend the night on the way from one end of the country to another. At the very beginning of its appearance, motels consisted of one single building with several rooms-cabins, the doors of which were opened directly on the common parking for cars and trucks. But in the future the concept of the motel developed and wound along with the road network covering the country of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, and soon there was a need for cheap hotels along the main trails that are easily accessible at any time of the day.

Nowadays, motels are also located along a lively route. Their principle is minimalism and convenience. The entrance to the room is still from the street where there is parking for cars. The rooms have a minimum of furniture, and the motel staff can offer you anything easy breakfast.

Currently, hotels in hotels can be found a whole range of various achievements of civilization, such as bathroom, air conditioning, hair dryer, telephone, TV, Internet access and more. Depending on the classification of the hotel, tourists can be available bars, restaurants, swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers and different wonders of the modern world of high technologies.

The degree of comfort of hotels, as well as the set of services offered in them can vary significantly from the country to the country. For example, in the UK, there is a law that the food must be served by guests a hotel in strictly defined hours, but in private hotels this rule may violate.

In some countries, for example, in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia and in several US countries, a bar or pub or pub, and in India, Bangladesh and other parts of Southeast Asia, is required to obtain the status of the hotel.

Most often, when choosing a hotel, tourists are focused on star, which is adopted in many European countries, although there are their own nuances:

1 star — budget class

2 stars — tourist class

3 stars — comfortable class (standard)

4 stars — first class

5 Star-High Class (Suite)

The differences between the hotel and the motel concern not only the presence or absence of stars on the facade or other architectural excesses, but also the number and type of workers engaged in the hotel business. The hotels typically work a large number of people, for example, registrars, concierges, receptionist, maid, parkers, waiters, and even «pillow whips», in whose obligation it includes to make soft pillows on sofas and chairs standing in the hotel’s lobby, after there We sat the guests.

Of course, there are such famous motels who can give odds to less well-known hotels and in terms of quality of service and at the cost of the room, so the main difference in our days is still determined by the time that guests are held: in motels it is customary to stop for a day or two, no more .

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