Numerology Rooms at home

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Numerology Rooms at home

Rooms surrounding you carry information that cannot be ignored. Understanding the values of the numbers will make your way in life smooth and not so dangerous.

Among the most important and meaningful numbers from your environment is the house in which you live. This room can predict some events, both happy and not very, which, most likely, will happen to you while you live in this house. One way or another, it is important to calculate the number of houses before you move there. Naturally, there are many other considerations regarding the choice of the house, but it is very important that its energy resonates with your own, personal energy.

In order to find out the number of your home, you must summarize all the numbers that make up the house number and the apartment number, before receiving a unique number. Suppose if the house number 26, and apartments 22, then the number of the house will be equal to 3 (2 + 6 + 2 + 2 = 12 => 1 + 2 = 3). If you live in a private house, there are only numbers at home.

This is a house for independent, self-confident people. The house with Number 1 will maintain individuality, courage, determination and honesty of those who live in it. This is a wonderful house for those who are ready for personal entrepreneurship. If you are too tired of concerns about others, then this house is for you, if only you are ready to stay alone again.

In this house there may be a sense of isolation and loneliness, even if other people live in it. If you are a dependent person, then the house 1 may be very problematic for you: it will require independence from you. He can also give you a lesson tolerance, which can be another problem. In the house 1 you will have to want to become independent. And one more problem: in the house with a number 1, everything is the gentlemen, but there is not a single servant!

Key aspects of the house «1»

The house with a number 2 is a calm, beautiful house for two. In fact, this is a house where it is well to share everyone that you have, because it is so strong as the desire for peace and harmony. Aggressive, intolerable person in this house will be bad because the house 2 requires patience and maintains sensitivity and kindness. In addition, it will require the circumstance and willingness to cooperate.

People living in House 2 can be very attached to each other, because they are strongly tuned to energy and feelings. This is a good home for partnership or marriage — but not for those who want to live alone. The best number 2 represents a sense of partnership.

In the house with a number 2 there may be a tendency to smoke things — too many things. In the end, how many marine sinks or solonok are needed in the house? In addition, any conflict or disagreement will become a problem for those who live in the vibration of this house.

In extreme cases, the vibration of the number 2 can attract people prone to small quits or criticism (in the end, 2 gives the value to the details, right?). The house with Number 2 strongly requires equilibrium in the relationship.

Key aspects of the house «2»

This is a cheerful house where you can experience life confidence, because enthusiasm and charm impresses the house with a number 3. Here you can find creative abundance. This house supports self-expression, communication, creativity and feelings. This house, where you expand your vision of life.

Here you will find a natural sense of confidence that, of course, will lead to positive results. House 3 is a conductor of active creative, sexy and spiritual energy. In the house 3 will expand your social life. In the house with a number 3, romanticism flourishes, demanding, however, honesty and loyalty.

The problem here is too strong excitement, too high enthusiasm and too large number of friends: the task of the number 3 is not to spray its energy. The house 3 sometimes dwells in chaos, sometimes called «creative disorder.» This house will be tedious for whose essence is expressed by a strong number 4. In such a house, it is better to live carefree people!

Key aspects of the house «3»

This is your home, if you need safety and stability: house 4 gives wholeness, thoroughness and practicality. This is a good place to build a solid foundation of your future, because this house requires order and savings.

House 4 is a stable work of those who live in it. In addition, it can not be better suited for people or working groups, workers for a common goal.

This house is suitable for any construction, gardening and all connected with the Earth. Family affairs and problems of relatives will require common sense and practicality here. And the post, the house 4 has a serious type of vibration and therefore will be a reliable harbor for those who are not afraid of hard work and discipline.

Sometimes life in the house 4 may seem overloaded work. It may develop a tendency to accumulation or rigidity and inflexibility. Relax — There are many other numbers in life that can help you. How about the lobby of a small car with a number 3? Or troika in the phone number?

So, moving to a house with a number 4, get ready to perform a certain amount of work in order not to enter into conflict with this home. In the end, 4 is a diligent work, to see from which in this house will not work.

Key aspects of the house «4»

If you feel standing in place, it’s a house for you. House 5 is a house of activity, movement and change. Here you are waiting for many trips, continuous phone calls (the five is the number of sales and retail chains) and the extremely busy routine of the day.

House 5 is a center of activity. It stimulates communication, collecting life experience and information, especially concerning ethnic crops.

Routine is difficult to get started and staying in the house 5, where everything is constantly changing. A lot of people come and leave, unexpected events occur, and everything can happen, except boredom.

House 5 stimulates ingenuity, enterprise and encouragement. A variety here is the norm, which sometimes leads to chaos and a restless life. In this house no conditions are not saved long enough. In the house 5 there are many romantic stories, because living here have special magnetism, impulsiveness and enthusiasm, much more talkative and, possibly, more prone to rivalry. Anyone who is familiar with numerology would not be surprised to see 5 talkative merchants in the house full of enthusiasm.

Life in this house can sometimes seem chaotic swirl. More. What is certain, hasty, but nevertheless thanks to the exacerbate alarm, the right decisions will be accepted here. Still, before making a decision, it is better to slow down and think everything is good.

It is difficult to feel the rest of the rest, and if you decide to preserve your virginity and stay alone — run from this house, it is not for you. And finally, due to the excess spirit of change, the house 5 can characterize the high yield of inhabitants.

Key aspects of the house «5»

Your nest and family are the symbols of this house, and for this it is suitable as it is impossible. Love for children, pets and family traditions is the classic at home 6, in addition, it is good here to those who want to develop their artistic abilities.

Money, comfort and good things are simply attracted to this house, and life in it is filled with the energy of good and the humanistic spirit. In addition, this is a magnificent home for home learning or consulting at home, because the energy of the house is warm, caring and reliable. Close, love relationships will fill your life in this house.

Excess return and care can disrupt balance. Giving too many to others and take too little, you can be in the role of the victim. This situation is not harmonious, and under the influence of the vibrations of the number 6 you will have to adjust it.

In the house 6 in the first place will always be debt and duties. And if you rebellion against the rules, this house is not for you. At the same time, in the house 5, you can get a liability lesson — so, maybe you are in the end, and stay here.

Key aspects of the house «6»

The house with a number 7 is a retreat, asylum for those who need rest, restoring strength, reflection or internal work. This house is just for someone who wants to be alone, reflect and seek divine inspiration. Education, study, science is successful here, and the house 7 will deliver joy to the writer, a scientist or a student, because fully focused on deep research.

Good luck in this house is achieved thanks to knowledge, skill and specialization. The vibration of seven enhances intuition, dreaminess, telepathic abilities, spiritual development and metaphysical surveys. This is a house for very closed people.

This house is not for those who want to achieve material well-being or promotion in business. It also works for marriage. Partnership or joint residence. Seven, mostly looking for loneliness, so this house is not for those who cannot live alone or want to communicate regularly.

Key aspects of the house «7»

If you are ready to put the material side of your life. Move to the house with a number 8. It will support the organization, vision and management of financial affairs. Thanks to the discipline and insight, you can live in the house 8, seriously strengthen your position.

8 brings public recognition and respect for your good job; With the vibration of this house, success and material wealth are possible. Here you will need rationality, strength and determination.

House 8 is not a home focus, but rather a place of business activity. It attracts people of power, money, business thinking and success, because power, money and success are three signs of the number 8. The eight is also the number of self-improvement, so in the house 8 you may find that your spiritual aspirations increase material achievements.

Under the vibration of the number of 8 money goes and come. Usually in the house 8 big expenses — and it is not surprising that you need a tributary of big money! The problem of this house is to stay concentrated and organized, since you are aimed at material wealth.

Accurate financial management, honesty, decency and justice — all this will have to learn how to live under a powerful vibration of the eight. This house is not for wastefulness — poor financial management under vibration 8 will bring in misfortune.

Key aspects of the house «8»

This house of compassion and tolerance, a huge space for humanity. If you do not have racial or social prejudices, you are a philanthropist or burn the desire to help the world, this is your home. The vibration of the number 9 will allow you to see the possibilities, be higher constraints and pressure. This is a house for wide-minded people. In this house you will receive a reward for your past efforts.

House 9 is a good place to perform something, for the treatment of allone wounds or achieving a deeper understanding of other people. Intuition, dreams, healing, spirituality, art, theater, philosophy and even metaphysical teachings — all this will be the source of inspiration for those who live in the house 9. Living in the house 9, you will find people and money that will attract you thanks to your humanistic Views, compassion and wisdom.

Passionate, dramatic emotions can accompany the house with a number 9.Foscolk 9 controls strong feelings, it can be fear that their intensity will be angry with tie in the unbridled manifestation of emotions.

The nine also means impartiality and universal love, because you can miss the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people with whom you live with. 9 A very powerful number that requires powerful feelings and lessons to those under its influence.

Key aspects of the house «9»