One disadvantage against 99% of the merits

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One disadvantage against 99% of the merits

Quite often, people find reasons for parting, and not to cope with troubles and disagreements and go to a higher level of relationships. Whether this is a consequence of fear of taking responsibility, whether it is fear before the difficulties that are sometimes mental pain, whether it is internal impotence and reluctance to fight. Often, people break up, because they saw the shortcomings of each other, forgotten that before this was seen.

You could be mistaken: the disadvantages seemed attractive advantages, because a person knew poorly. If the partner says that he disciplined and adheres to the rules, it may at some point become its dignity. It is good that he adheres to the rules and clearly it follows. But another thing, when a person appreciates you, loves you are friends with you, looks at you from the position of these rules. He does not see you, as a person, and counts your similarity and a distinction with the principles that adheres to. You must meet them, otherwise find yourself unnecessary.

Often, advantages are true, and there are also disadvantages. If, in the first days of dating, people see each other positive qualities, then, when emotions and passion weird, begin to notice negative. Against the background of 99% of the advantages, people often pay attention and looped by 1% of the shortcomings. Weaknesses are available at all, but sometimes there are fewer than strong. Nevertheless, the look falls for disadvantages, completely ignoring the existing advantages.

People destroy the relationship, noticing that their partners are imperfect. What grief, taking into account the fact that this is quite a normal phenomenon. Even those who see the shortcomings in others are observed their unsightly sides. It’s one thing when there are more negative qualities in man than positive, then you can think about the break of relationships. Another when there are no deficiencies in comparison with advantages, so they do not need to focus on them. You can agree on something with a partner so that unpleasant features do not interfere with living. But not to break the same relationship from the fact that another person turned out to be earthly and nonideal?