People of the future: what will our body will be in 100 years

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People of the future: what will our body will be in 100 years

Pretty the future is how to play roulette. But biohakers, confident in the ability to subordinate time and death, told The Guardian of their versions of what will be the people of the future.

While most men and women around us did not look younger or slimmer. However, the whole industry is working to send us to immortality. Already neurointerfaces, «molecular scissors» CRISPR-CAS9, Bionic prostheses and various bioodes allow us to look and feel drastically different. Question in the other — Are we ready to perceive the body as a car?

See bold forecasts of biohakers and «immortality developers.»

Since 2014, the company has focused on reducing prosthetic prices. And also — on a business in society of people with disabilities and their comfort.

Today’s prostheses differ from «old» in appearance and functionality. The technology is already used among able-bodied people. For example, the German Ottobock corporation produces prostheses for use in medicine. And also — mechanical exoskeletons for Volkswagen workers to increase their productivity at the factory.

In the future, bionic prostheses will surpass a human body. Power, dexterity, sensitivity is difficult to reproduce, but maybe.

Experts already notice the gap between young and more mature people with disabilities. Those who older wants the most similar to the real hand of the prosthesis. Young — on the contrary, ask for more personalized options from the category of superhero limbs.

In 2016, Zoltan introduced chip in his hand. Then there was only a few people. Now their tens of thousands. Some companies encourage employees to «chipping». So you can track the workflow better. But implants are only a small part of the transgumanist future.

Some biohakers already want to replace healthy limbs to artificial. They can be controlled using a neurointerface.

Robotic hands and feet on the functionality of 15 years behind the human. But this is not an obstacle for those who want to be cyborg. After all, robotheses can be modernized as new technologies appear.

Another «thing», which will change humanity — bionic internal organs. Already dozens of medical companies, if necessary, replace some organs on artificial.

The interaction of man and AI is even more difficult. Kernel and Neuralink are developing «neural prostheses» that would allow a person to be associated with machine intelligence.

Supercomputers can already make 200,000 trillion computing per second. Transgumanists believe that all this will lead to singularity. By 2045, the machine intelligence exceeds the possibility of human brain.

What will happen in 100 years? The chief researcher of the Sens di Gray research fund believes that with a 50% probability after 20 years old age will be controlled. After 100 years, the probability of this will reach 80-90%.

As soon as aging disappears, our longevity will determine other factors. We will still die from accidents, pandemics and asteroids. Therefore, it makes no sense to indicate the average life expectancy.

What will happen in 100 years? People will continue development. And since the technology is part of our life, it will become part of evolution.

The era begins when, with the help of technology, things and phenomena can be perceived, which were not previously available. Business Partner Mun — Neil Harbisson — wears an antenna in the skull. With it, he «hears» color. So Neil got rid of congenital daltonism.

The antenna picks up a color frequency, then creates vibrations in the skull. Thus, each color corresponds to a certain sound. And even more — the Nile «hears» ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Instead of downloading new applications into the phone, the people of the future will download new feelings.

In the future, the company will offer this for money. For the time being it is more to expand creative opportunities.

We enter the Antropocene — an era, in which it is a person is the most important element for the evolution of life on the planet.

But the people of the future will be able to design themselves. AI and gene editing technology means that a person has become a kind of designer.

Over the past 20 years, the mental capabilities of people have changed. Much now makes Google. People can no longer read cards because Google Maps tells them where to go. Darpa (US military research agency) recently installed a chip man so that he could control the drone by the power of thought. And this is just the beginning.

All we learn about the brain shows the fallacy of decision-making processes. Especially during stress. Our cognitive ability is not as effective as we think. Modern info environment is much more complicated and faster than ever.

Now the rate of change is such that we cannot predict life more than 10-20 years. But the idea is that people understand this, and were ready to accept alternative models of the future.

It remains to create only a few tools, and it will be possible to drastically change yourself.

Neurointerface «Brain-Computer» will translate the brain online, just as it happens now with other functions of the body. For example, online steps, if a person wants it. Calorie dishes can also be online. But now the brain is offline.

To find out now, what happens in the man’s head, you need to ask him about it. In turn, he will «turn out» to the small part of the brain, which he knows about. And give some result.

At the end of the day you can download the circular diagram of the neuroprocession of the brain. Detect that she spent 737,000 Attebians attention to the conversation about the future. That 45 times a day argued something to a partner. It is like a «counter» for the brain.

What happens if this data falls on the Internet? There is a negative script when the brain becomes open to business. You can submit products and services that appear around, knowing what a person thinks about.

Now Facebook is working on a neurointerface. But adding something similar to their business would really be something terrible.

Previously, we wrote that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a college, where they will teach a responsible attitude to the developments of AI. The course there will be all students. Thus, Mit hopes to protect humanity from the «evil» biased artificial intelligence.

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