Play Lego? And how did you think?

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Play Lego? And how did you think?

Did you think about what «Lego» is and how many of these most bricks on the entire planet? Hundreds of billions! To this day, this company remains at the peak of popularity among the manufacturers of children’s toys. By the way, in the 21st century, the «Lego» constructor began to be sold even more thanks to the expansion of the target audience: the company began to produce products for adults and girls. It is noteworthy that the brand design has not changed since 1958. This article will tell the reader what «Lego» is and how this company climbed to the top of the business Olympus.

In the distant 30 years, when the world has not yet heard about what «Lego» is, one Danish man with a difficult for Russian man with the name of Ole Kirk Christiansen founded this company. The skillful delints of Christiansen family supported the tradition, thanks to which the company exists to this day. Very interesting very name of the company. What does the word «lego» mean from Danish? It turns out that this is not one word, but an abbreviation from phrases. For those who are interested in the title, it will be interesting to know how the word «Lego» is translated — more precisely, the two Danish words leg godt. Everything is very simple, the name is translated in accordance with the direct appointment of toys — «Play Good».

So we learned what denotes the word «Lego». By the way, it is probably a special course of many well-known firms — to call the company by Abbrevia from two words, for example «LG» (Life IS Good — Life is good).

From the very beginning, the development of the company began with small: a carpenter workshop was built, a dozen workers are involved. It was engaged in the production of toys from wood, but the latter did not enjoy great demand — the war destroyed not only many people, but also the childhood of the children of that time. After a time, Ole bought machines to work with plastic, and since then the company has become plastic toys. One of them was a Ferguson tractor. It was waiting for an incredible success — about 75 thousand copies were sold in a fairly short time.

After experiments with the tree and the first graduates of plastic toys, LEGO came to fastening plastic details. The idea of creation belongs to one of the factory workers.

At first, Ole did not believe in the success of such a release, but launched a novelty into production. It is so that the word «Lego» became nominable, it was no longer just a name, it is a whole universe toy with which every child is familiar.

The inventive son of Ole Christiansen in 1954 realized the potential of fastening bricks. So the next idea appeared on the light: the children can collect from the blocks of «Lego» absolutely anything. By 1967, the range of products amounted to 218 different items (not including color variations). Since then, the turnover in production has become about $ 18 million a year.

As soon as the development of toys was patented, it was time to enhance the brand. For a start, a recreation center was opened in Denmark called Legoland. It is not surprising that after such a promotion in the first season about 600 thousand people visited him.

In 1980, about 70 percent of families in Western Europe with children under 14 would have had at least one set of «Lego» products. Definitely, it became the grand success of the company.

In the next 20 years, several new projects were launched: a series of children’s books and a children’s magazine called LEGO Club Magazine («Logo Logo magazine). And only in 1999, LEGO was called the product of the century (according to the version of the Fortune Magazine magazine), although the company was not so smooth.

In continuation of the long 67 years, «Lego» created connecting blocks. Moreover, all this was carried out without any comments, proposals and ideas from buyers. This is explained by weighty reasons.

First, working with children and for children in the European market is not easy, because the main rule is strictly submitting security requirements. For example, if a child suddenly wants to eat a brick, no parents will suffer responsibility for it, but product manufacturers. Even if they listened to suggestions from the young «builders», the parents of children could complain to theft of children’s ideas.

Secondly, only in the 21st century, consumers and manufacturing companies began to establish contact with each other. The «culprit» of such a breakthrough is partly the worldwide Internet. So, the company «Lego» quite unexpected for himself found out that almost unfamiliar with his buyer. With great difficulty, the management of the company came to the decision finally listen to the statements of marketers about what needs to work with its target audience. As it turned out, no longer children play the designers, but their parents!

At that time, while the developers close their heads over how to attract more children to products, the product collected a whole army of adult fans «Lego.» This active community created various forums, sites, groups through which people discussed and sold the collected masterpieces.

The company’s management did not even imagine how to approach work with such a category of customers.

Surprisingly, the company missed the huge solvent segment out of sight. Adults with great pleasure built trains, cities and whole worlds from LEGO designers. This category of players spent on the purchase of bricks much more than families with children (the record amounted to 53 thousand dollars a year). This fact played an important role in the company’s formation. All this hype with adult fans of the connecting bricks led to the fact that the company began to launch and expensive sets. For example, Star Wars Millenium Falcon, which consists of 5,000 blocks, and its cost is 550 dollars.

Such changes in the marketing potential of adult fans struck the company. Time has come to build relationships with customers of all ages, go to a new level of cooperation. «Lego» needed to become something big than the ordinary manufacturer of children’s designers.

In other words, there was a task to rally and combine all fans, whether enthusiastic adults or caring parents. So the world-famous company began to produce not only toys, but also to develop the imagination of many people.

The first step was the development of the representative of representatives. Today, it is called LEGO Ambassador Network. This network of representatives covers the fans of the age group from 19 to 65 years. Now the company is actively and quite successfully addressed for ideas and tips to this target group. Communication may even be daily. The group willingly participate in marketing activities and market research. In 2005, the factory was also launched — a site on which people can invent their own models, and then buy the necessary details and embody ideas into reality. It turned out that the efforts were not in vain, each visitor site already in 2006 conducted at least 28 minutes on it.

This year, the company hired a popular BLATTNER BRUNNER design agency to create a series of advertising posters with shadow. The meaning was that Lego awakens imagination and fantasy. Thus, advertising with a shadow of this product has become one of the most ingenious campaigns in history.

Listen to the ideas of fans is one thing, but to apply in practice is completely different. In 2008, Cuuso, which was a Japanese partner of the company, held an online vote to select the most popular idea of a new set. The model that scored 10 thousand votes was launched into production. It turned out to be a set based on the movie «Back to the Future» movie.

In 2011, the site update was made, microsites appeared for individual products like the «Lord of the Rings», «Princess Disney», «Star Wars» and «Superhero». Each of these microsites includes sections of online games, video, tests and polls. Now loyal fans can engage in some favorite business (communicate, play, share content) without transition to third-party sources.

Until this time, the company was not particularly interested in the needs of girls, although in the distant 60s and produced furniture for dolls. However, only in 2012, «Lego» drew attention to the women’s target audience.

This is how the first girls sets of designers appeared. These were not just pink blocks, and designers designed to meet the work of female logic. Such sets allow you to create something more flexible and elegant.

The decisive chord of the global strategy was the full-length film. World-government cash charges amounted to $ 400 million. And at least this film was not received by Oscar, she definitely attracted public attention. After her exit, the company’s tweets began to recruit tens of thousands of Likes.

LEGO does not stop in development so far. Almost in all corners of the world can be stumbled upon her office. It is noteworthy that sales profit increased over the past ten years 4 times. Undoubtedly, the brand will still surprise us by another innovation. In this article, we disassemble not only the meaning of the word «Lego», but also a gradual growth of the company from year to year, which undoubtedly shows us that there is nothing impossible in this world if you have sufficient dexterity of hands and a rich imagination. Such stories are inspired.