Plumbing Capacity at Home — Simple Recipe

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Plumbing Capacity at Home — Simple Recipe

Plum is an excellent material for jam, various delicious baking, some manage to make wine from it. But not many are taken to make a plum liquor, it is certainly a rare drink. Of course, not many will take over this recipe, he is too powerful — they will say one, he will say too complicated, and someone will say that he is weak, but this article is not for such. Yes, if you are going to make this nectar on a moonshine — you will have to sweat, collecting the moonshine apparatus, or spend money on the factory, but you immediately tell you: it is worth it!

There are simpler recipes where you can do by purchased vodka for infusion or ordinary alcohol. Diluted with water.

We are suitable for any fruits, the main thing to collect without wormochin, will suit such varieties like Rencle, Hungarian, egg plug, Canadian. Another important question is whether it is worth making a liquid with a bone, or it is better to choose them, configuring yourself and loved ones, because they contain blue acid and cyanide! In fact, the content of these substances is very small, so there is no reason to worry, but just in case you can extract bones.



First of all, all the plums should be prepared for the preparation of liquid, rinse a bit under running water, each fruit is cut into two parts and remove bones. Purified plums put in the prepared glass jars, alternating with sugar layers.

As a result, you should get with a tight consistency and sweet taste. As a result, you got homemade liquor prepared for all the rules. It should be poured over a beautiful bottle and file to the table.

If you are a real gourmet and the connoisseur of homely alcoholic beverages, and also love to experiment, then try to cook delicious and saturated with a pylon according to the recipe below.



For the preparation of this pylon, it is better to take the whole sour-sweet variety of plums, such as replan.

During this time, you need 3-4 times. Gently overflowing liquor from cans with berries to another container and then fill it back. A month later, the finished drink is filtering through the gauze and spill on the bottle. That’s all, pouring from draining ready! We are waiting for the holidays and with pleasure we shoot the trial.

Vintage recipe

This is the simplest recipe for making a plum tincture recorded in many vintage culinary books. It is necessary for her one and a half kilogram of drain, shelter sugar and a half-liter bottle of vodka.

It is done like this:

The drink will be ready at about six months, it will be more tastier months after eight months. Of course, it can be drunk and immediately after cooking, but such a cream will not yet receive its true taste and aroma.

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