Prohibition of passivity, or why are you constantly demanding something from you?

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Prohibition of passivity, or why are you constantly demanding something from you?

Have you ever seen demanding people? It is not about the fact that you have criteria that you must match to become someone else, a loved one, or get a job. It says about people who, nor do, everything is wrong. They want even more, even better; All you do is not so. At the same time, you constantly have something. They climb into other people’s affairs, thinking that you can not handle them without them.

If a person constantly scrolls such a behavior model, then this is a consequence of its scenario programming, which is most often happening in childhood. Parents of such a person could say: «You’re already big», «I already worked at your age,» «Your childhood ended, now helping.»

Such people develop an exacerbated sense of duty and demandingness towards themselves to others. They do not trust anyone, often prone chronic irritability. Can show worn in relations with other people. They believe that without them the world will cease to exist and people will not survive.

If you want to help such a person, then, most likely, do not see in his eyes of understanding. It’s he is ready to help you, cure you, and he will not give himself to his hands (he does not trust!). Therefore, you can only tolerate or learn to resist the behavior of demanding people.

If you yourself have become a victim of a passivity ban and watch yourself, as a worm and demanding to peace, do not trust anyone, feel the need to «save the world», then you just need to relax and understand one thought: other people lived without you now and now will be able to live; The world even before your appearance existed and now it can harmoniously exist.

Just relax! Stop being excessively proper and demanding. Allow other people to be yourself, and to the world to be like it is. It is the internal tension that makes you keep everything under control, demand and someone «save». And this is not necessary for anyone. Loosen the grip — and life will then become different.